Trench Bread

3:21 AM

Monsoon season is finally here and I'm so done with summer's scorching heat. This is very timely for me because I suck at spring/summer dressing. Obviously, I'm a hoarder for anything dark, which suits best for rainy days. I kinda also love the fact that I can wear trench coat and layer all my clothes without being judged. Still frowned upon but I dont care. Even when its rainy season in my country, there are days that are still so brutally hot or humid. Sometimes I think I'm this close to having heat stroke. Anyway, just glad I can finally post something here. Short post so just enjoy the photos! :)

I practically live in this Adidas Superstar I got from Canada now. So comfy! Plus, its black so I dont need to worry if I step on some muddy, wet pavements.

A moment of silence for this cutie photographer......... :p

Just gonna leave you with that! Bye! xoxo

(c) Ken Cuizon

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  1. (Always) so gorg, Eva! Love you and your style forevs! ❤️

    1. Awwee thank you phoebs!!! Love you too see you soon please :*

  2. Very cute trench coat with these Adidas shoes! Lovely photos also:)



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