Keep a little prayer in your pocket

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"Always keep a little pray'r in your pocket and you're sure to see the light.
Soon, there'll be joy and happiness... And your little world will be bright.
Have faith little one, 'til your hopes and your wishes come true.
You must try to be brave little one... Someone's waiting to love you"
-Someone's Waiting for You // Lea Salonga
Note: If you are an atheist or a non believer, the next few words contains my feelings and beliefs about my God. If you are one of those who bash around hating on people who has religion, do not read the paragraph that follows. If you are, however, one of those cool people who respects others beliefs, kudos to you. I had a dream to post about this, and I'm doing it now hehe.

Ever since I was a child, I always prayed to God. Being a preacher's daughter, I learned my way. I always find time to talk to Him and tell Him about my day, how I felt and my silly little dreams. As I grew older, I not only talked to Him but I cried out to Him, told Him about my frustrations in life and offered him all my heartbreaks. I was a struggling teenager with bad habits and filthy thoughts. I was a lost sheep. But I never stopped praying to Him. I believe that prayer is a very powerful communication with God and without it, I don't think I'll be where I am now. A lot of people asked me what if I was only in my religion because my parents chose it for me? I would consider that but now that I'm aware of everything, I know now that this is the religion that I want for me. This is where I want to grow. Prayer and faith in general saved my midlife crisis. This does not only count to my religion, but to all other religions in the world. A prayer a day will really heal your aching heart, your doubts, your disappointments and eventually, God will give you your heart's desires. There is not one prayer that doesn't go unanswered, I believe that whenever we pray and it doesn't turn out the way we wanted it, God has bigger and better plans for us. And that's his way of telling us He heard us. Keep believing, keep doing what you do, keep offering and praising Him and I guarantee you- you will find peace. 
The only thing I got from Uniqlo in Manila about 3 years ago is this bucket hat. Back then, bucket hats weren't a thing and I was only attracted to it because its black. Also because it was the only thing in the store that I can wear- the rest was winter collection haha.
The details. I can never find a perfect fit midi skirt for me so I made one for myself!
When you see me in real life I am usually wearing all black outfit. Do not be scared. Lol
Here's a photo of my good friend, Dawn! Say hi!
What I wore: Bucket hat- Uniqlo; Top- Forever 21; Midi skirt- me; shoes-Adidas Superstar; Bag- SM Department Store; Rastaclat- Urban Superior 
Forever classic shoes, Adidas Superstar.
What's wrong with me?
Caught up online shopping in DealSale.
My little big brother, David. He's actually only 17yr old and he's way taller than me! O.o
Follow him on Instagram! @davidpaulisme
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Thanks for reading!

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  1. You look great! (as always!!)

    x, Katja

  2. Indeed, relationship with God is the most important and precious thing in our life :) Anyway, nice outfit! :)

    Kindly visit my blog,
    Thank you :)

  3. I love you look ! So cool !

  4. It's wonderful that you have this relationship with God, because I've kind of been struggling with it for the past few years.


    1. Yes I used to struggle a lot before too. Just keep the faith! <3

  5. You look so lovely:) I like your hair:)

    1. Thank you! I kinda had a haircut after this! Haha

  6. I really love your look, great :) Have a nice day :)

    Can you follow me back?
    If you comment my post, I will comment your five posts!

  7. love both outfits, and love the pictures. xoxo

  8. You look amazing! Great outfit!

  9. I love both of your pictures and your outfit!<3




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