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Hey guys, I missed out posting over the weekend so I'll post one today instead! I got a little busy with my business lately. Life in the real world should always be first priority but this little virtual world where we all connect and communicate will always be my happy place. I love the fact that I've (virtually) met so many beautiful people from different parts of the world! Its very therapeutic to get to know bit and pieces of your life from here. And to read the comments that you leave... I really appreciate every single one of them. I wish to have more time chatting around with my lovely readers but then life happens. Hehe ok enough with the senti moments. Here are some snaps of me wearing my other favorite sneaker, Jordan 11 Legend Blue. Its really pretty and comfy! For my sneakers, I only love (and adore) the silhouettes of Jordan 1, Airforce 1 and Nike Dunks. But Jordan 11 is classic. A must have for every Jordan collector.

Should I get a haircut?!
Lately it was raining like crazy so this knitted turtle neck pullover was a savior. Its actually my dad's. I love oversized clothes and sweaters. I feel cozy and warm... And lazy. Haha

So I did a little shopping at Dressgal and these are on my wishlist!!! Hopefully they will arrive as soon as possible so I can finally use/abuse them. If you want one for yourself, I'll leave a link in my captions.

1) Wide Brimmed Beach Hat in Camel. $6.41 ~click THIS to order.
 Everyone knows I'm a hat person. This wide brimmed beach hat in camel is a closet must haves!!! Since I already have black and maroon brim hats, this color was perfect. I got mine for only $6.41!!! Its so much cheaper compared to other branded ones. As soon as I laid my eyes on it, I knew I had to have it. GET YOURS HERE.

2) Vintage Bowler Jazz Hat in Dark Brown. $2.70 ~click THIS to order

Another piece for my growing collection. Since I have SOOO many black hats, this dark brown one is perfect for all my laid back outfits. And my eyes literally popped when I saw the price! A beautiful chocolate hat, for ONLY $2?!?!! I DID NOT THINK TWICE AT ALL! GET YOURS HERE.

3) 15PCS Makeup Brush Set. From $12 down to $7.22!!!~ click THIS to order.
I've been planning to buy more makeup brushes because a girl can never have too many brushes in her life. When I saw that this was on sale, I immediately placed an order. 15 brushes for only $7? Not bad at all! GET YOURS HERE.

Those are just a few of the many wishlist I have. I'm a sucker for low priced items or items that are on sale- with very good quality. I cant wait to get my package and post a review on each items.

If you want to choose more products and BEAUTIFUL clothes,
click this LINK.

Product pictures all from (c) Dressgal.
Photos of me by (c) Ken Cuizon

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  1. I love this laid back chic look esp your sneaks.
    I'm a sneaker freak too :)

    The Bandwagon Chic | Instagram | Bloglovin | Snapchat: bandwagonchic

  2. I love all the hats. Please can I have them all?
    You look great - loving the ripped jeans.

    Jenn | Jennifer Jayne

    1. I know right, so pretty!!! Go buy them online! Hehe

  3. amazing photos and lovely look
    great choises as well

    new post http://sarameirelesthesnowwhite.blogspot.pt/2015/08/casio-watch.html

  4. Wauuu, amazing outfit!
    I like your photos!

  5. Simply love your outfit. Your sneakers are sooo cool.
    - Have a nice weekend :-)

    Hugs www.blogbysine.blogspot.com <3



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