Photowalk w/ Ken 03: Haze Night

9:17 AM

 I decided to make a 'Photowalk w/ Ken' category in my blog. For those of you who don't know, Ken is my super creative and artistic boyfriend hahaha (love ur own!). This post will be random photos,shoots and adventures with him. I just wanna showcase his talent in the field of photography. He's actually also good with digital art/illustration, you can see his works in the link that I posted below. Some of these are not 'blogger outfit' worthy pictures (because they are too dark and artsy) but they are very nice and creative so I'll leave it here! I already have a lot of photowalk drafts and I will slowly publish them soon. It feels so nice to have a partner that has the same interest as you.Thanks for the visit guys! Hope you enjoyed our pictures.  xx

To see previous photowalks, click the links below:
Photowalk w/ Ken 01: Beachy
Photowalk w/ Ken 02: Dark Side

All photos by: Ken Cuizon 
IG: @nyorkenshuffled

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