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I don't know how to wear anything other than black and white... I think. I cannot count the number of times my friends would tell me 'Did you just buy another black dress?'. Yes... yes, I did. And I dont think I'll ever stop. I’d go to stores and spend hours picking out items, but when I get to the dressing room I always have the same things: white or black shirt, gray sweater, jeans, and jackets. I'm such a jacket hoarder even though I live in a tropical country. I would love to wear pastel stuff and all things sweet but I talk myself out of it because I know I’ll never wear it more than once. I like having staples to rely on so the hunt for perfect black dresses and crisp white shirts will go on as long as I live.

I wear black socks with my all white shoes- don't judge me. :p

I've been collecting famous street wear brands way too much. Not having their flagship stores in my city leads me to shop in vintage stores, online stores and online yard sales. It is an achievement to find rare brands that are half the original price! 

What I wore: Y-3 Shift dress; Forever 21 cardigan; Nike Airforce 1; New Era cap
Thanks for dropping by! xx
Have a great week ahead!

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  1. hei beautiful! I adore your blog and your style, keep stylish mich :)

    btw, wanna follow each other? Let me know if you want too. Please visit or leave a comment in my blog if you want to follow each other hehe and i'll follow you asap, and you'll do the same

    Sylvi Gautama


  2. Hai Eva, you're so beautiful, I'll make sure to check your post, so inspiring :)

    I follow you ^^

  3. me to, black is my favorite color, because its o easy combine with another color.
    Nice blog btw :)

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  4. wer in cebu do you shop for vintage?and wat online stores sell 2nd hand branded things

    1. Anywhere, could be in downtown cebu when im off to buy fabrics! The online shops also depends if the sellers are legit or if the items they sell are authentic. Beware of bogus sellers, they actually exist!

  5. Your photos are so cool! I really, really like them! :)
    Nice blog!
    I`m following<3

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  6. So amazing photos
    I really like it

    new post http://sarameirelesthesnowwhite.blogspot.pt/2015/11/perfect-winter-break-in-seasons-most.html

  7. nice post! anyway mind to follow each other? lemme know if u want to :)




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