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Few weeks ago I was invited to a lot of openings, fashion shows and events happening in the metro. Its been such a crazy month for me taking in a lot of projects that I was too scared to venture in before. I have really outdone myself this year and I am so happy to be doing what I love and making money out of it. I mean, aint that everyone's dream? So much going on for me in real life and despite feeling blessed, I still cant help feeling burned out too. Working on the creative field is not as easy as it looks. The planning, designing, execution and etc is totally mind-racking. Just last week I attended an event for Bloq Residences and I instantly fell in love with it! Think about modern studio units with fellow creative people as potential neighbors. So here's a write up (FAQs) of Bloq Residences. I'm definitely eyeing on the studio unit for when I decide to live alone, someday! Perfect for creative, busy people who can live in a small, artsy and cozy unit.
 WHAT is BLOQ Residences?
BLOQ Residences are affordable modern residential developments meant to address our rising need for a place to live in the city. BLOQ provides residential spaces which are strategically priced to equal an average person’s rent money. More than anything, BLOQ is a lifestyle. It is an answer to the evolving needs of our modern lives. BLOQ is a solution for young professional to balance work and everything else in life.

WHO is BLOQ’s target market?
BLOQ is for the young, inspired, and hardworking Cebuanos who are finally coming into their own.

WHERE are BLOQ’s projects located?
BLOQ developments are always conveniently placed in locations that are close to Cebu’s urban centers. Primary considerations are ease of public transport, safety, and overall livability.
These are our current developments for BLOQ:
a. BLOQ Talamban
- 8-storey
- 126 units
b. BLOQ Banawa
-148 units
c. BLOQ Sikatuna
-161 units
d. BLOQ Plaridel

WHEN will the units be delivered?
a. BLOQ Talamban – 2nd quarter of 2016
b. BLOQ Banawa – 4th quarter of 2017
c. BLOQ Sikatuna – 4th quarter of 2017
d. BLOQ Plaridel – 2nd quarter of 2017
HOW big is a unit at BLOQ? And what does it come with?
We have two(2) types of units for BLOQ. Specifically, our STUDIO and LOFT units. With much consideration for the needs of our modern lifestyle, we’ve designed our STUDIO units to be 18 sqm. And the LOFT units to be 27 sqm. Maximizing on value and flexibility, BLOQ’s units are delivered with a fitted out bathroom, kitchen counter top, painted walls, and straight to finish concrete floors. We encourage each unit owner to personalize their space unique to their tastes and preferences. To encourage this, we give each unit owner a choice to pick the color of their door!
What amenities does BLOQ have?
BLOQ is unique. Because of the market it is for, it is a balance of space and cost. We’ve foregone with decorative features and opted to maximize on utility. In order to lessen the burden of monthly expenses to maintain the buildings, we’ve narrowed the amenities to the essentials such as parking areas, laundry areas, janitorial services and security services.

Hope you guys had a great week!
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(c) Ken Cuizon

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