Singapore: Art Museum and Haji Lane (3/3)

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This is going to be a picture-heavy post about my trip to Singapore earlier this month! Such a relief that I have finally posted EVERYTHING on my blog. Always makes me sad whenever I come across photos of this trip because I miss this country terribly- even though it was terribly hot as well. Haha.  Here are the previous entries of my short lived adventure: (clickables)
Singapore: Universal Studio
Singapore: Night Shots
And some MRT shots here as well: (clickable)
Better Version of Me

  I hope you enjoy all these pictures we took! The photos are taken in order. We took some shots along the way, which is in the Art District streets of Singapore. Then we headed over to Haji Lane, probably one of the cutest and most hipster part of the country! And then finally to Singapore National Museum- it was only 3 months old when we came there. It recently just opened after being closed for renovation so.. Yay! The place is so worth the visit!
In the attempt of dressing myself in the usual head to toe black ensemble all whilst trying not to melt & burn under the Singaporean summer sun, I grabbed my white, elongated sleeveless tee and accented my long black vest. Of course I wore my (then) newly bought Undefeated cap.

I wont get tired of taking pictures inside the train. Ever. lol

Hey!! :)

Haji Lane was deserted and closed when we arrived because it was still early! We had lunch at a local food place there and the soup was great! 

Nichey taking all our couple shots! Haha

I call this my little Wicker Park. 

Outside the museum!!! Everything is aesthetic af

Appreciating art... And concretes? 

The view!!!

Until our next trip!
Thanks for dropping by!

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  1. Very cool monochrome look Eva! Love the sneakers!;)

  2. I love the photos and you look so cool Eva!
    Happy weekend!

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  4. I just love the photos !

  5. Very beauty foto

  6. gorgeous shots! <33

    cheer, michelle ~

  7. Amazing outfit, thanks for your comment in my blog, I'll be happy if we start to follow each other?:)

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