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8:23 PM

Who loves this album as much as I do? The Life of Pablo by Kanye and Untitled Unmastered by Kendrick has been on repeat while I work on some gowns and other shiii. And now I'm listening to track 7 as I write this down so... Levitate levitate levitate levitate!
  Just hanging on the edge! Lol. Posting all these photos we shot 2 weeks ago because what else will I do with it? Haha. My crazyyyy schedule is getting the best of me and thinking of what shit to write here is giving me a headache. I am just so grateful for all the new and old clients that are continuously giving me projects after projects. I could not imagine working on another field other than this(to the new readers, I am a designer of my own shop heee). There is nothing better than following your childhood dreams and passion one step at a time. Forever thankful for the people who supported me. :)

I honestly think I dress better than most boys i know in real life. Or that i dress like a boy in general. Whichever is true, you be the judge. Oh and this is my everyday getup- lowkey and boyish with a pair of comfy sneakers. And anything oversized ;)

Sporting this hairstyle because mygaaaaaaaad is it hot!( yup but not hot enough to layer cause fashooowwn :p )
Stole my dad's blazer... It may seem thick but this is made of light materials and lining! I love wearing oversized clothes and if you've been following me since day 1, you would know that by now. Hee

You will never guess the location of these photos! There are hidden gems in the city... You just have to open your eyes haha

What I wore: Oversized blazer- Dad's; oversized white shirt- H&M; pants- no brand(?); shoes- Vans
Thanks for dropping by my lazy entry!!!!
Hope you guys had an amazing weekend,
I spent it working on my other designs so i hope you had better :)

Til next time!

(c) Roselyn Regalado

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  1. That blazer looks so cool!!! I've been searching for it in thrift shops...;_;
    AAAAA that braids is the cutest, I love twin french braid bc it looks so 'grungey' lmaoXD
    Hidden gems photo area is the bestest thing ever, But sometimes Hidden gems = remote place = empty place = kinda unsafe (in my city tho) :((


    1. Its also unsafe from here, so i always take quick shots and leave the place as fast i can hahaha :)



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