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1:06 AM

Have you ever felt like you were born in the wrong generation? I cant remember the number of times I've said it before but I really think I am. Wrong generation and wrong country! Haha. I cannot possibly be meant to be born in a very tropical and humid country when all I wanna wear are layers and more layers. Even when I drift away into different styles, I always have that retro/vintage aesthetic with me. Or i could be right about my previous theories... I could be a time traveler with a bad amnesia. (O.o) Okay I'll stop before I get wild with my imagination. I'll leave you with these crappy but cute phone pictures that my baby sister took! It was a rainy but humid day and I just had to take my red bomber jacket out for a spin. Literally adds that 90s vibe in an instant.

Shoelace as belts are some major throwback fashion for me. Back in highschool, I would skate around for hours on weekends with a couple of my skater guy friends and this is what they taught me. Lol i am pretty much one of the guys when it comes to my hobbies and fashion, of course.

 What I wore: Undefeated gray shirt; bomber jacket designed by me; Tomboy brand jeans; Adidas Superstar sneakers; RayBan motorbike glasses

Who else is obsessed with my glasses?! I was cleaning out my closet and found this! I owned them since I was in grade school. I always knew this piece was a classic and kept it for years. Now I always wear them whenever I walk around town.

You can never go wrong with adding a pop of red to your usual t-shirt & jeans outfit.
This red bomber jacket was actually a gift from my sastre (tailor). I made the design and she made it to me for free. I might be selling this for my brand for holidays......... Stay tuned! ;p

My hair got really dry because of this weather. Oddly enough, I kinda like it. Those babes from decades ago always had that messy, teased hair and I am obsessed! I wanna have that big hair instead of those ironed out, straight hair. Its too boring for my preferences. But that's just me :p
I hope you guys have an exciting weekend!
I'll be posting more this week!!! 


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  1. Cool look Eva! You look so pretty social y un the last photo!

  2. Great look as usual eva! Drop by
    My blog soon

  3. Your wardrobe is goals.forever my style inspiration even if i can never wear ur style its too unique and i cant follow u it wont fit me

    1. I think whatever you think looks good on you will suit you well. Im sure you can manage. :) Well it takes guts to actually dress the way you want without fear of judgements. Just go for it alex :)

  4. I love this outfit, it looks so cool!
    I really like the style!
    And i always feel like i was born in the wrong generation..

    1. Thank you Judith! Thank God im not the only one who thinks that way hahaha! Im definitely wishing to be born in the earlier years

  5. Such a cool outfit , i love the bomber jacket and the colour as well.



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