I choose to be happy :)

12:41 AM

"The same boiling water that softens the potato hardens the egg.
It's not about the circumstance but rather what you are made of."

~Unfortunately, today wasn't a good day. A series of unpleasant events which I will now put down to experience. When you see things and reminisce some bad experience/stories, do not ever entertain that feeling which will cause you to investigate or stalk something. Remember, you are in charged of how you feel. Today, after everything, I'm choosing to be happy. I'm choosing to get rid of the past and let it be part of the past. I choose to live in the moment. :) I hope you do, too.

On another note, I have been very productive the last few weekends mainly because the month of May wasn't that busy for me. I had an ample time to shoot for my blog with different set of creative friends. I am soooo happy and excited because I've been craving for this kind of project for the longest time. Its been awhile since I had this much pending photo sets to post, I think i was in college when i  had a lot of blog content in a week. Right now, I have over 5 drafts and i am completely confused which one to post first haha. Even when work drains you, always find time to do something that you truly love and get that creative juice out of you. 
Rocking my black Fake Friends cap. I'm so psyched to announce that #FakeFriends will officially launch on June 30 of this year. I will make a more detailed information regarding this event and brand but for now I would like to thank everyone who supported us even before we officially launched. This black cap is currently sold out and we cant wait to restock on this one. Our first collection will drop 2 weeks from now. More about this brand soon. For updates and announcements, please follow us on Instagram: @urfakefriend
What I wore: ASOS jacket; Fake Friends cap; Yoga pants from Canada; H&M Boots; Striped top was a gift from my friend, Dawn (she also took these shots); Adidas backpack

I love how I edited these sets. I wanted to have that vintage-y feels for my photos and after experimenting on tones and filters, I am so proud to achieve these results. Although I have always been an amateur, I find joy in the thought of me trying to learn new things on my own. I believe its one of my strongest assets, I am never afraid to experiment. And my style is a living proof of that haha
Monochromatic pieces with a hint of neutral/nude/camel colors is surprisingly a good combo. I have been collecting pieces in neutrals (as you've noticed in my latest looks) because they are timeless, classic staples- just like black and white.
You guys probably know this by now, I even said this countless of times before- I am a hoarder for coverups, jackets and coats. Same as head wear and foot wear. I really don't care much about dresses and inner clothes, when you wear different kinds of coverups, caps and shoes-  it will definitely be an entire different look.  Guaranteed. Like, you can wear the same black dress over and over again, and people will never notice when you wear it with different cardigans.
This jacket is the last piece of the package I got from ASOS brand last month. Yes, I purposely picked colors that are actually just the same but in different shades! (Notice the ASOS jumper in my previous post?) I love how comfortable this jacket is. Believe me, there are jackets that i just cant stand, especially when they use a very uncomfortable fabric as lining.
Thanks for dropping by! 
Do you have any staple pieces yourself? Let me know through the comments below!
I'll reply as soon as i can! Thank you :)
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  1. Nice location!wer ni dapit sa cebu ate eva?

  2. i love your outfit


  3. you look amazing!

    Please visit my Blog!


    Alessa Bernal :)

  4. Very cool combination, you look very stylish!



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