4:42 AM

Just a post filled with artsy photos from the boo. Its one of our weekend photo walk session when we have the time to spare. Anyway, this month has been really busy and I cant thank God enough for everything that's coming our way. Hard work really pays off when you commit.

What I wore: Mastermind x Stussy shirt; Black blazer and white pants- made by me; Nike AF1 shoes; Fake Friends cap 

Who else is inlove with Drakes new album?! This shot reminds me of it... :D
Hope you guys have an awesome weekend!
Leave comments and lets keep in touch :)

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  1. Hi Eva,

    I love those silhouette shots. It's great to have a boyfriend to take such artsy shots for you and happy to hear that things are falling into place in your life.
    Thank you for your comment on my blog a while back. I appreciate heartfelt comments and I would love to connect with more blog friends across the globe. Following you now. Hope to see your follow too and do keep in touch!

    Jo's Jumbled Jardinière

    1. Why thank you Jo! It really feels so good to have a partner that shares the same passion as me. Its like being in a dream team!<3 Just followed you back! xx

  2. Beautiful outfit and photos:)



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