Fake Friends x Kangol

9:24 AM

After months of overusing this Fake Friends white shirt, I finally had the time to wear it on my blog! As you all know, this shirt got sold out on the brand's first launching back in June. This was one of the pieces from the first collection called "The Freshmen Collection: Chapter 1". Check out more of their stuff here. I've been lazy dressing ever since this cozy weather became rampant and here I am, wearing something totally different from my usual white, grey or black ensemble. To be honest, I'm really feeling all these pink muted tones lately. It's a fresh color palette in my wardrobe. I decided to go full out with it and created a coordinated look. As I don't own sneakers in pink – yet!– I paired it with one of my everyday beaters for the last couple of months: my all white Nike Airforce 1s. Clearly, you can never go wrong with white sneakers. There is no denying, its the easiest color you can match and investing on one good white shoes will be money well spent. I currently own 6 pairs of white sneakers. Lol, i guess i kinda exceeded my quota.

Kangol (that hat im wearing) is a legendary clothing company that was founded way back World War I. Yes, in the 1930s, and yes its been that long! This brand was well known for making awesome head wear and you all know IM ALL ABOUT THOSE FRIGGIN GORGEOUS HATS. Kangol specifically got into the street wear scene in the early 1980's when hiphop artists like Notorious B.I.G and RUN DMC, to name a few, started rocking them. Eventually, they are now a household name in the streets and even in the high fashion world for its unmatched quality. The first thing I noticed about the headwear is the unusual form of their Bermuda Casual Pile hat. It was their staple form and other brands can never pull it off. Its also made in pure wool and it came in the color black! *happy dance*

This is a really comfy and fresh look for me. The pants are in perfect length for that old school capri feels and are made of soft denim fabric. I had this pants since i was in HS! Even though my face and arms got bigger and rounder, surprisingly my pants as a teenager still fits me well. Oh, and I also got my tee two sizes bigger as I’m a big fan of oversized silhouettes (duh). You can chuck it in, or just hang it loose. Whichever mood you prefer.

What I wore: Fake Friends shirt; Kangol hat; Nike AF1 shoes; vintage capri jeans (back in HS)

Hope you guys had an awesome weekend!!!
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(c) Vanessa Gabiana (for my photos lol and crol for the cap)

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  1. I love your style
    Have a good day

  2. Color pink is your color. U should wear it more often :) kisses!

  3. Great Post dear Thank for sharing!! <3
    New post On the Blog!!
    See here my Neelam Velley Trip!!

  4. Great post! Cool and stylish!




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