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The first kind of sneakers I collected were Chuck Taylors and Vans. In HS, it was a smart thing to do because they were way cheaper and I was into skating and biking for a short time (until i wasnt haha). I was also into hiking in my mom's province so obviously, I needed beaters. Sneakers for me was a thing I could abuse and replace. Only 2 years back, I started collecting Nike Air Jordan shoes. I admit it, they are reallyyyy expensive. They are luxury shoes that I don't even wear when it rains! I dont play basketball with them, they look too pretty to abuse. I guess the positive side of it is that I have learned to value and clean my own shoes, in short- I became responsible in taking care of my things. I also love the fact that girls from my city don't have the same shoes as me. My Jordan collections are dead-stock and OGs. I do own a few overrated shoes like Superstars and Skate-His but they are my beaters. Wow sneaker talk, I must have been a boy in my past life. Lol. Owning my first Jordans was a game changer. I know it wouldn't be my last. It's like finding my own SOLEmate shoes... -.-

Jordan 1 Royals are surprisingly not my first Js. This was my second pair but I love it. The classic silhouette and the perfect color got me hooked. Although they get uncomfortable after wearing it for hours, its a guaranteed head turner based on experience. Its also a conversation starter. Apparently, people would call you "sneaker head" more often when you wear Jordans than any other kind of shoes. Its a fact. A piece of advice when you are confused in picking your first Jordans: go for Jordan 1s, may it be the hi's or the lows.  You can never go wrong with it.

What i wore: Forever 21 brim hat & jumpsuit; GAP denim jacket; Nike Jordan 1 shoes

Should I blog about my sneaker/ shoe collection and how I take care of it?!
Leave comments below and let me know!

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