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 I always had a thing for oversized sweats/pullover, boyfriend jeans and turtlenecks just because they simply allow you to move around all day, whatever you’ve planned. And for a girl who lives in a tropical country, I have an awful lot of jackets and coverup collection. I cant help myself, I love layering so much. Guess I could say I’m more of a winter child in spite of living in a country that only knows 'too sunny for layers' and 'too rainy for shoe game' weather. Well, its getting pretty windy and rainy lately so more reason to showcase my winter collection lol. Casually layered my staple black sweaters with a touch of red and the mere fact that I can simply change my entire look by pulling off a layer or two makes it even more fun to play with.
Wore this super comfy Xlarge crew neck pullover and styled it with a separate red turtle neck because wearing this as it is was boring. Sometimes wearing clothes in the same color over and over again can get boring to some people but not when you got styles and tricks up on your sleeve. To be honest, all those branded pieces that you own is flat out boring when you have no sense of style at all. Its just like wearing the clothes straight out of a store's mannequin. There's nothing wrong with that but finding your own personal style can really take you places.
"X-Large was the first street brand to use a gorilla or monkey as a logo even before 'A Bathing Ape in Lukewarm Water'..." Ever since I laid my eyes on this brand, I knew it was something that fits my taste. Although Xlarge was founded in LA back in 1991, it was more inspired by Japanese culture and we all know Japanese brands have the best quality products. XLarge, Neighborhood, BAPE, Supreme, Yohji Yamamoto just to name a few of my faves that gained popularity in Jpn. On a side note, I believe everyone should know the brands they are wearing. Just because its an 'in' thing or its famous for now doesn't mean you have to hop in the bandwagon. Only very few people from my place actually recognized this brand and I don't mind one bit. As long as it suits my preference and personal branding, I will represent it. ;)
I look a lot like my mom here!
What I wore: XLarge pullover; Forever 21 hat; Tomboy jeans; Adidas Superstar shoes
Of course I paired it with some cozy sneakers from Adidas for a daily look. My all time favorite beaters when it starts raining. I love how all the pieces add up to this subtle, undone look to my outfit. Just the right amount of color added to make your normal pullover/sweater look different. 
All smiles when my friend decided to sell this pullover to me. Addition to my growing Xlarge collection!
Am I the only one who thinks 2016 came by so fast?! We're down to four months til 2017, dangg. Thanks for dropping by guys! Leave comments and let's keep in touch!

Photo: Roselyn Sagrado
Edit: Zach Aldave
*Shout out to Zach for this Xlarge pullover! After convincing him that I adore this brand more than he does, he finally gave in and sold it to me haha.

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  1. This outfit looks really nice a comfy. I agree with you, 2016 is going by too fast!

    Sarah | What Sarah Writes

  2. Major love with this look omg <3


  3. Its so nice that you have been educating us with unusual streetwear brands that i never heard before like them. Keep up ur passion! Check new stuff on my blog too. Besos

    1. Yay thanks! thats the main goal <3 your appreciation means so much. Will check your stuff for sure! :)



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