A Sea of Sea Food (Event recap)

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  Already feeling the great ambiance of Seafood City the second I stepped inside the resto. I've never been to a restaurant that has a huge vegetable cooler right in the middle of a buffet station before. You can actually choose your desired veggies too! How awesome is that?! Decided to take all my outfit shots in this area coz its cute. :p Scroll down below to have a glimpse on some dishes they serve.
 What I wore:Top, Culotte, Glasses- Psalm 91 Boutique(my shop); DIY stud choker; Nike Lab shoes; Guess denim jacket
This restaurant showcases a number of huge aquariums that's filled with live fishes, crabs, shrimps, lobsters and more. That's when you know everything they serve are guaranteed fresh! On a side note, I wonder if these fishes know they are about to die and be eaten... Sooner or later. Haha
Debuting my new pair! Nike Lab Sockdart shoes in triple white. Been dreaming about these shoes since I saw it 2 years back. Dreams do come true! Thanks beau!
 ~ Isla Sugbu Seafood City (ground floor of The Grand Convention ~
 Everyone close to me knows how picky I am with my food. I've been sticking to the same restaurants and order the same dishes for years because that's how I like my dining experience, safe and familiar. I never order/crave for anything seafood out of fear that the fish/shrimps are no longer fresh. I am very particular with that because I had an upset stomach incident before due to spoiled shrimps. However, when I heard about Isla Sugbu Seafood City and its variety of FRESH seafood menu, I decided to give seafood a second chance. After all, I just saw a whole bunch of aquariums in the middle of the restaurant!;)  They are also launching their newest promo called "Paluto All-You-Can". This deal allows you to have as much seafood as you like and have it cooked your way!!!! Yes, you heard it right. Whether you want your fish grilled, your shrimp fried or crabs stewed; your opportunities are endless! And so are the rounds of your paluto.
 The energetic host for the night Mr. Karlo keeping the night alive while his lovely gf  Ms. Vanessa East was busy making sure the event went smoothly. Shout out to this power couple for the successful event. <3
 Some more introduction before the food was served.
 And then the non-stop arrival of neatly presented seafood dishes commenced...

 Can you tell we are all enjoying our food?! Everything is too delicious!
 Okay to be honest I was quite glad the pork belly came in at first. I am not a huge fan of seafood dishes but every single putahe they served was party in my mouth! I am impressed. I might consider trying out seafood more often but only if I dine here. Great place!
 The lobster was so good, too! Its my first time trying lobster with sweet sauce. A must have!
 Crabs were opened at the bottom but we still had a lot of cracking to do. They are an example of food that takes too long to open and eat but the moment you have them in your mouth, you realize its worth the effort. Deep.
Another star of the night. The oysters were presented in 3 different dishes. I like the one below best. It was literally filled with butter!
 To balance out the unlimited food intake, we had a hearty mixed fruit dessert.
 Ms. Katrina Labra of Zee Lifestyle... Charot! My college girl crush. I remember getting wasted in her home almost 5 years ago.Who would've thought we'd meet again in a much mature event. Haha
I am not one to attend 'every' event invites/sponsorship that I get. I always make sure every brands, projects and events I go to are close to my heart. Every single one should be a personal fave and should fit my branding. So take my word for it, this place just serves the BEST seafood in the city-  AND for a very reasonable price. Paluto All-You-Can's introductory price starts on October 1 and ends on October 31, 2016 for only P680.00/each. After the promo period, the rate is back to P850.00 so hurry and try it while its still at its lowest rate.

Now if there are plenty of fish in the sea, at Isla Sugbu Seafood City, there is a lot of seafood to choose from and eat.

They are located at the ground floor of The Grand Convention.
To know more, you can visit their Facebook here
You can also call (032) 260-8000.

(c) Roselyn Sagrado (thanks labyu!)

P.S Sorry for the crappy food review, I have very few vocabulary when it comes to describing the food or how it tastes. And now you know why I am not a food blogger. Hahahah

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  1. Awesome post! I love ur new shoes and the food looks delicious too. Kisses!

  2. your shoes! <33
    everything looks so good I'm drooling lol

    cheer, michelle ~ http://livedreammagic.blogspot.co.id/

  3. Great event! You look fantastic:)
    Have a nice day!

  4. How much if kids age 7? Thnx



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