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Finally posting these amazing photo set from Hong Kong's most 'instagrammed' basketball court and this forgotten old city somewhere in the northern part of  HK. We met a really talented local photographer and he brought us to these gem places! Despite the heavy rain that day, we went to this apartment buildings that was ancient (not rly) and the residents there were old people, too. He said people lived there all their lives, since they were young & single until they got old & married. Some of them never had kids. Whenever I travel, meeting locals and knowing their culture through the eyes of a young creative is my favorite thing to do. I always look forward to finding new people (thank you social media) and eventually plan a meeting ahead of time to agree on a place where it is convenient for us both. This is how I inspire myself and how I get through another year in my own little creative jungle. There are things you can never learn from school or from books and I believe those are the things that you discover when you travel. Tales and stories that your new friend shares. You want to believe you can keep in touch after meeting them, even when you know you might never see them again in this lifetime. :) But I do hope I'll meet them again in the future. And maybe by then, I'll be the one telling them stories and touring them in my own country. xoxo 


What I wore: Visor and Jersey- FILA; White inner shirt- BAPE underwear; Adidas Gazelle shoes; Jumper overalls made by me
Gazelle <3

That Bape detail ~
Thanks for dropping by!!! Will be posting more photos from my trip last month.
It's all on my draft posts, I just need the time to run through the photos and write a content.

<3, E

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  1. Awesome photos as usual. If u dont mind me asking what cam do u use? Thanks a lot! Visit my blog for a new post


  2. Beautiful shots im from hong kong



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