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As promised, I'm finally getting rid of all my travel/style photos from HK before the year ends. Wait.... the year is about to end?!!? I swear 2016 went by SOOOO fast! Here are some photos we took at Causeway Bay, Hong Kong! Its where we got our Bape and CDG items and its where you can locate ALL designer brands- from luxury to street wear brands, you name it. This place is also the exact opposite of Mongkok. Every person you meet here are people who would actually spend A LOT of cash for certain brands. This would've been my favorite place if i were rich lol. Sorry for another lazy entry, I promise to post and lengthy one soon. xoxo

What I wore: BAPE shirt; cropped pants made by me; Adidas Gazelle shoes; Fake Friends long jacket; SM parisian shades

If you've been following me for a while, y'all know how much I fancy this brand. My first BAPE shirt in my size. I got so excited when I found it. Only a few girls appreciate this brand here in my city and seeing a lot of girls in Bape when we went to Causeway Bay made me so happy. Its like I found my place on Earth and I wanna be friends with each of them haha!

Being a sneaker collector, choosing the right shoes to travel is very important. There was no doubt that I'd choose to travel with Adidas shoes, and choosing my OG Gazelle was the best decision ever. I only brought 3 shoes for a week's trip and every single one was my comfy beaters. I suggest you do the same! :>

Rare sight of me, grinning

Fake Friends long jacket/dress shirt in Black. This was the first sample product before we added a few details. Shop the current collection on instagram @urfakefriend <3

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