Last day of Magic (The Kills)

4:44 AM

"I'll be the man with the broom
If you'll be the dust of the room
And there's only so much you can hide
Before I corner you"
Hey everyone! Decided to post one of my favorite The Kills' song. You should know, I am their biggest fan.  Anyway, I'd like to share to you my August realization. There's 15, but I'll only give 5 on every post. 

1. I finally decided the game "Eeny, meeny, miny, mo" is probably not the best way to pick an answer for a multiple choice exam. (Midterms week is finally over! Thank goodness!)

2. I am floored by the fact that the people most close to your heart are the ones who are oblivious of your efforts. You conclude that the only person you need to please is yourself, but the irony is that you seek for their appreciation before you are pleased.

3. I recognize my own will power and don't give in to eating the entire bag of chips. 

4. If a girl is going to give me the cold shoulder, I want her to have bangs, a pretty face and a cute outfit on.

5. I am obsessed with poker and piyat-piyat. Both card games require gambling and swearing so I should try to get rid of this or... Minimize it, at least.

Another DIY project. The white top was originally a Forever 21 blouse.
What I Wore: Top- DIY; Khaki shorts- SM Dept. Store; White gladiators-Parisian; Envelope bag-UW; Hat- gift; Rayban glasses 

I feel lazy.
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I'll post something longer soon. Bye :)

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