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Made a list after the pictures! Go read it! :>
Another round glasses! These Lenon glasses came all the way from Thailand. A fellow fashion enthusiast, Giana Balbuena, got them for me. I interviewed her few months ago. See here.
I'm in love with my salmon flared pants!!! I was so excited to finally own one, and lucky me for getting it in a lovely color! I was in 6th grade (12 yrs old) the last time I owned and worn a pair of flared pants. Doesn't it amaze you how fashion just circulate and come back once more, this time, more edgy and fun? I paired it with this purple Forever 21 "peep-shoulder" top to create a funky vibe. The pants was a little long for me so I grabbed an old brown wedge to balance the length.  My Lenon's and headpiece made me feel bohemian/hippie for a day.
What I wore: Forever 21 top; Moschino flare pants; Parisian wedge; Thailand sunnies; DIY headpiece

First semester is finally over!!! I cant explain how happy I am to be able to watch movies all day and read books all night without worrying about a single subject. I'm back to being a couch potato, well in this case, semi-couch potato. So in preparation for this big hibernation (aka rehab), I'm making a list of things to do and brand new routines for me to follow. I want to improve my life, my health and my lifestyle. I'm putting away all the bad habits I've come to hate (is this what you call growing up?) and invest my time into something really productive. This list will also be posted on my bedroom's wall, so I wont forget. And I'll have to put 20php in a jar glass every time I break a routine. Save cash or do the list- it's a win-win situation.

Sembreak To-Do-List:

1) Wake up 5 or 6am everyday. Early bird catches the early worm.

2) Exercise at least 30 mins. You need to reward your body for not making you obese despite your abusive rice intake.

3) Read a new book every other day. Finish a book overnight or 2 days.

4) Write. Write a story and make the sickest plot your filthy mind could ever imagine.

5) Watch a movie. Watch an old movie, watch your mom's favorite movies. Avoid Regine Velasquez and Sarah Geronimo movies- big NO NO!

6) Start watching a new TV series. Watch all the new episodes of the series you've been following. Watch more Anime. Watch more gory cartoons.

7) Learn to cook. Ask your younger brothers about the easiest recipe they know, and ask them some tips. Learn to bake as well!

8) Master sandwich making. Master all kinds of sandwich in the world. Every guy wants a girlfriend who can make mouth-watering sandwiches.

9) Eat exotic food. Protest against your super maarte appetite and eat that slimy looking Indian food your bf ordered. Eat veggies. Eat fruits. Eat something foreign to you.

10) Take photos for this blog at least once a week. Go thrift shopping. Only spend money for clothes on SALE. You don't need branded things to make you look or feel stylish. Be inspired, dress up and shoot. Don't be a lazy bum.

11) Sew something. Finish that Halloween dress you sewed last month. Sell them. Do crazy DIYs and never look on Youtube channels because that's cheating. Learn your way, learn the hard way. Be creative.

12) Make that scrap book you've been dying to do. Just do it.

13) Continue resisting smoke. Don't ever light a cigarette again. Know when to stop drinking when out for a binge with friends. Next step is committing back to sobriety, its gonna be hard, but never give up.

14) Go on an adventure every once a month. Do recreational things with friends. If you have cash, save it and travel rather than spend it for a night out with friends. Save it for adventure. Always.

15) Continue to hate clubs and the smoky dance floor. You're claustrophobic, and you'd had enough when you were younger. A chill night with friends will do it.

16) Dye your hair with crazy colors but never dye the roots of your hair ever again. Dye its tips until your hair... Dies. (Haha for rhyming words). Cut it short after.

17) Dedicate your free time to something. Join a charity, donate your old clothes and give up the toys you've been hiding in your box for a long time. If you're not playing it, give it to the kids who will.

18) Buy Lotto once a week. Who knows you'll hit the jackpot and be an instant millionaire?

19) Find a perfect talisman. Get a lucky charm and put your beliefs in them.

20) Play poker at least once a week. HEHEHEHE hi boyfriend, I included this on my list. Say you agree?

That's it! How about you guys? What are you gonna do for the Holidays? More like, what are you gonna do next? Do you wanna stay the way you are, or do you wanna improve your life? Do something, NOW! If you wont do it today, WHEN?

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  1. I love this new outfit - the colours, your hair, your glasses, everything <3

    P.S. Now, I`m following you... So you can follow me back :)

  2. Hi dear, love this hippy outfit! Would
    you like to follow each other? Check out
    my blog and let me know!


    1. Hi dear, I'm following you! Now I'm waiting for you! ; )

  3. Great Post.

    Thank you for stopping by my blog AND yes I think we should follow each other. I am actually already following you :) but I am now follow your twitter and I liked your facebook page.

    Much Love,

  4. Your hippy outfit is amazing XD
    You look awesome


  5. Love this outfit, you look great in hippie attire))
    Good luck, especially with waking up so early! I do it too, but it was perry difficult to start.

    Thanks for your sweet comment, I'm following you now on GFC, now it's your turn)) tel me if you also want to follow on other social platforms!


    1. Following you back, Tali! Yes, it's difficult but I'm a morning person so it's easier to adjust :D

  6. Great outfit! I love that top. Good luck with all your goals! I wish I read that much always. And wrote more. Always.

    <3 Josephine

    1. Oh, and I'm following you now, thanks for the comment on my blog! Hope you follow back :)

    2. Following you, Josephine! x



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