What NOT to Wear: LIFEDANCE 2013

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(Before I post things on What NOT to wear, here's a small introduction to #LifeDanceCebu)
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Hey guys!!! Remember last summer and when I introduced you to a very huge summer ender event called Life Dance?! Well, it's that time of the year again, only this time, it came early!! It will be held at the same venue, The Boardwalk Complex, Mandaue- on January 18,2013! This will be the first Life Dance this year, and the next one will be on summer. For those of you who missed out the life changing event last year, this is your time to experience and see for yourself!A celebration of life,a party like no other! Don't miss it!

From the best local DJs the Philippines has to offer, to the largest international DJs our generation has ever known! A once in a lifetime gathering. 
To view the complete and more detailed info for the line-up, click ->. CLICK ME.

What Cebuanos think of Lifedance:

"All I can say about my experience with LifeDance last year is that it was fantastic and bewildering! It was one of the most succesful events that I've been to. Some of you may be hesitant to spend your hard earned cash for an event like this, but trust me, ITS ALL WORTH IT. It doesnt hurt to experience this kind of fun every once in a while."
-Jean P. (20, Carolinian)

"Last year, I ditched my modeling event for LifeDance. Although I got into a little trouble because of it, it was all worth it! If I had to do it all over again, I would still and always will, pick Life Dance. It's gravitating. It's an unexplainable feeling. This year, I'm bringing my cousins from abroad. I know they will feel the same way. I love you Life Dance!!! More power to you. Looking forward for more fun!"
-Kizhia B. (20, Model) 

"When I first heard of LifeDance last 2012, people were claiming its the best party of the year.  I just said 'Ahh, they always say things like that' and hesitated. When my friends bought tickets, I decided to go too. Damn right it was the best decision I made!! Best 2,000php peso I've ever spent last year. Totally coming back again as VIP! Best team, best directors and best producers."
- Carla N. (22,  Carolinian)

"My first LifeDance experience will be one of the events I will never forget. It was so much fun that I've expected. Everyone was in the mood, the DJs were so talented and the production number was far from mediocre! I was really impressed! This is something Cebuanos should be proud of. I am proud to be part of it. I will be part of this, again."
- Hazel D. (23, Flight Stewardess)

"I will forever be in awe of what LifeDance has given me, has given us. I've been one of those teens who grew up watching videos of other country's festivals. Now I'm so proud to finally have one in our country, and luckily, in my own city. It's a gift that I am willing to share to everyone. This is a life style. I am forever changed. Thank you, LifeDance."
-Eva M. (20, Blogger) 

Trip down to memory lane. Here's my post last year of:(clickables)


  1. I hate to state the obvious, but please, do not wear your 5 inches heels. Or any high heels, for that matter. I know I said this already, but last year I've seen a lot of girls dressing up like they're about to attend a debut party. One thing you should know about rave: nobody cares about your feet. So, play your part.
  2. Loose tank tops paired with loose undergarments. Big no-no!!! To avoid wardrobe malfunctions and nipple peek-a-boos, try wearing secured undergarments like a tight tube, fit bikini top and most importantly, bra's with your own cup size!
  3. Thongs. Ladies, let's not be THAT girl. You're most likely in a rave, means there's a lot of people jumping around in a tight area, thongs are not a smart thing to wear. You'll end up getting a wedgie!
  4. Belt Skirts/Short Skirts. Lengthy skirts are fine with me but skirts that you can already expose your underwear out is too much. Even when I'm at a concert in jeans, someones hand lands on my behind and given you're in a skirt that short... something will land on you. And you wont like it.
  5. Shirts where your boobs will pop out. Ok, a lot of boys will hate me for posting this ha-ha! Basically its the same as the thongs, you're in a tight space jumping. As you can guess, this one girl's breast did fall out of her top and we found out that she placed double sided tape on her nips. Not sure how that helped but who knows... Actually this would be cool if again, you have secure undergarments.


  1. Your favorite shoes. This will only apply if your favorite shoes are your brand new Sperry or topsider. If your favorite shoes are your 3-yr-old tattered Vans, then its ready for parttyyy!!! Avoid wearing expensive shoes, in short. Again, people will be jumping and moving a lot, and you do not want to ruin that shoes your momma got for you last Christmas. 
  2.  Long sleeves. I'm not really sure how some boys find the guts to wear long-sleeves on a rave party. It's gonna be hot and sweaty, your obvious underarm sweat stain is really unattractive. Also, this is not a formal gathering, save it for your friend's wedding or something.
  3. Your expensive shirt. Unless you're rich enough to waste your branded shirt, then go on. In parties like these, you have to expect getting all wet and dirty. Prevention is better than... Zonrox!
  4. Your attitude. Leave your grumpy and moody self at home and have fun! Enjoy the good vibes and try not to pick fights. 
General tips:
Dress casually. 
Don't layer.
Don't wear your best clothes.
But don't wear slippers also.
Wear REAL shoes. (Extra tip: Double-knot/tuck in your laces)
Not too many accessories.
Tie your long hair back.
Wear cheap (but fashionable) clothing.  

For more information, add Life Dance on Facebook.
Follow them on Twitter!
09335687701 LOOK FOR ME, EVA. 

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  1. Im been waiting for ur lifedance post since last month!or december.i hope we could approach u in lifedance.got my general ad tickets,and if its ok to take picture with u will be cool.thank u so much more power to lifedance team!!from the lifedancers of general santos city!

  2. Are there tables available?We want to get one.How many chairs is there?

  3. just came across your blog! nice post! and i love your blog. just added you to my blogroll! see you in lifedance!

  4. Obviously there won't be tables around. Make sure you practiced standing up at this time

  5. i'll surely remember this when i attend lifedance...soon! haha

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  7. Sounds like such a cool event! I don't think we really have raves in Australia, but we have some really great music festivals that your tips would definitely apply to as well :)

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