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Finally, I'm back on track! I obviously need to catch up, so I'll start by announcing I am officially unemployed- by choice, of course! My 2 months contract finished last March 1, and I didn't have the heart to renew one more time. Being a teacher for the first time in just a short span made me realize how I can never, ever, be a teacher again. I am too emotional to ever be a good one. My first batch of Korean students and friends left me last week. It was horrible. I couldn't believe it was over at first, but after some time I got over it. I still communicate with them most days, so it helped me get through rough times. I get emotionally attached to them, which is NOT advisable because when they leave, we all know the one being left gets more hurt than actually being the one leaving. I will write about my new found friends on my next blog post! Anyway, this whole experience is a blessing for me. I've met amazing people and had such great memories I will always cherish. On the bright side, I will be able to blog more often now! My future plans on employment? I will stay on queue until the end of April because I will be traveling with my family the entire summer. I will probably pursue my long time plan of enrolling myself to dress making. Speaking of that, check out the dress I made!!! I call this the "Modern Day Audrey". 
"I have this strange feeling that I am not myself anymore. It’s hard to put into words, but I guess it’s like I was fast asleep, and someone came, disassembled me, and hurriedly put me back together again. That sort of feeling." -Haruki Murakami
This velvet cut-out mullet dress was hand sewn by me. Perfect for going out on a dinner date, so I wore this on Valentines Day! ( A picture is shown on the last part, so keep scrolling ^_^ )
Neon green looks perfect on velvet black. That strange looking slim belt is actually the sling from my heart shaped bag! I needed a belt, so my bag volunteered. :) It looks better when used as purse, anyway.
My own rendition of Audrey Hepburn's signature look. What do you think?
What I Wore: Dress- made by me; Bag is a gift from Teacher Dhee; Neon skull earrings from downtown; Sunnies from L.A; Steve Madden booties
Thank you Dhee for this cutie pie slime bag!x
Cat eye glasses from U.S care of Ika! 
Special thanks to Dawn Dela Torre for taking my pictures. 

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  1. I LOVE your bag! And you made that dress? its beyond amazing..
    great post...you lok super chic!

    Shubhi's Revels!

  2. Tailored by you!? Omg! Love your diy dress so much

  3. Amazing outfit and style- I always wondered how teachers deal with so many students leaving every year, I for one am too emotional and get easy attached so I guess I would be in the same situation like you if I would choose to pursue this career.

    Great blog!

    Have an amazing week,
    Mary x

    1. Thank you Mary! Its really hard, but the memories are worth it!! <3

  4. Cute dress!!!


  5. This is really cute, love the dress. Come see my blog, we can follow if you like :)


    1. Thank you! Let's follow each other, I'd love that! <3

  6. This outfit is so cute! Hello, fellow CFB! :)



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