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10:52 AM

Hello, fellow dreamers! 
I've been very busy these past few days! First, I've been working my ass off day and night designing/planning/revamping my online shop. It's been a hell of a month for me to do the preparations! I practically earned cash by my own sweat for my capital. I'm proud to say I earned the money I needed in a clean way! (Yes kids, stay away from street drugs! lol) After getting the right amount of  cash, I instantly ordered my products from Korea. The other half of my capital was invested in buying shirts and printing my desired designs. When I got my first batch of shirts, I was devastated! Some shirts had a really shitty result! I almost cried my heart out. I thought of all the hard work and overtime I did to earn the capital and I get ugly production?! Seriously, I had to "talk to the manager" to have it redone. And I believe I charmed my way into getting what I wanted. I practically deserved it anyway. Haha! Second, I am enrolling to my dream school. It's been my dream to study there for so long. I know its batshit expensive, but I'm gonna do and give my best. I am a self-taught everything. I rarely ask people to teach me stuff I want to learn. I had to find my way into knowing how this and that works. I guess now that I'll be studying there, the procedures are spoon-fed. I know I can achieve my dreams if I stay focused. At this time, I wont be telling where I'll be studying, but I'm officially leaving university- for now. Of course I will be back after a year. I hope by then, I wont feel the need of stopping again. In short, I hope I don't feel lazy again. He he he
 Enough with the drama. Let's talk about how different I look here! 
Finally, a breather from all my other punk-gore-all-black-errthang looks. I don't normally wear 'normal wear' (don't you just love word play? haha!), but when I do, I make sure its plain and casual. I wore this when I applied to my dream school. So pathetic of me, really. When I attended university, you'll never catch me wearing things like these cause I go all shirt and pants with messy bun. But of course, I had to dress up for me! This is what I feel like when I get to start school on Monday, the get-up says it all: ladylike and professional. Honestly, I bet I'll just end up wearing baggy shirts & pants in the long run. We all get tired of dressing up anyway... I think.
Feeling like a lady.
Little shiny shoes, were you made of disco ball in your past life?
What I Wore: Korean shop top; CC necklace; For Me blazer; Blacksheep white shorts; Follie silver shoes; MNG bag
 I fell in love with this loose top when I visited a Korean shop in a local mall!

How about you guys? Any plans for school and stuff? 
Btw, if you havent liked my online shop, please do me a favor and like it!
Pretty please with icecreams and chocolates on top?!

Instagram: @_creativecaprice

See you guys soon! :*

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  1. You look dropdead gorgeous! Congrats on your own online shop and getting into your dream school, sounds like there´s a lot going on in your life right now. Best of luck with all of this, I am excited to hear more : )

    1. Thank you so much! Yes its been such an amazing month for me~! Fashion school is making me really busy though! No time to catch up!

  2. Hello dear, as you may already know - GFC is shutting down - hope you can follow me now on Bloglovin' instead. Here's my link:
    Have a nice day :** <3

  3. gorgeous monochrome look :)

  4. I love this blog! I followed you <3

    Make sure you also check out my blog and follow me as well

  5. Love your blazer. Mind following back?



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