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Slacking off my all-black-errthang game for a more matured lewk! This reminds me of those Japanese men fashion gurus that I follow on lookbook years ago haha. My style has not changed though, I STILL wear whatever I feel like wearing, even if its frowned upon by many. You might wonder how I managed to layer when in fact, my country is burning from the heat! I attended an event at the IEC Pavilion and believe me- it is freezing! But even if it wasn't that freezing, I'd still rock this. It also helps that these pieces are not in color black. Lol. Shout out to ASOS for sending me this perfect, long button down cover up in army green! I love that it is made of light material. When you feel lazy, just throw in a basic outfit and pair it with a coverup/vest. Obsessed with neutral colors! x

Tote bags are perfect this summer. Fake Friends brand will officially launch all its products and its  first collection on June 2016- so if you want to be updated, follow @urfakefriend on Instagram! xx

My face is getting rounder and bigger each month! O.O

These are my go-to shoes whenever I feel like a ninja or a time traveler from the future

I am obsessed with culotte pants so i  made one of each color that i like. Perks of knowing how to pattern and sew! :P 

What i wore: Top- Forever 21; Pants- made by me; Long cover up- ASOS; Tote bag- Fake Friends; Shoes- Reebok Instapump Fury
Til next time!!!!! (Damn, I'm such a lazy blogger LOL)
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(c) Pangging <3

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  1. Super cool outfit!!
    You look so beautiful<3


  2. That's such an amazing outfit :) Looks perfect

  3. I'm loving this look especially those shoes. You have a new follower on GFC . Have a great weekend !



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