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As you all know (via my other social media accounts), I went on a week long trip to Hong Kong for some time off my busy work life. Working in a creative industry can burn you out faster than any other routine desk jobs. There will be days, or weeks even, when you just lack all the creative juice you need- and days when you just wanna quit the industry and try an office job. This is why a few trips here and there is not just a want but a need. Its a must. It doesn't matter if your destination is just in the Philippines or even just in Cebu. A breather from your corporate, city life should be part of your schedule. So if you feel like giving up on your job or just plain depressed, may it be work related or not- travel. Travel and try their local food, learn their culture, take pictures, meet new friends, etc. I can assure you, it may not solve your problems in life but it will surely help you emotionally. Anyway, here are some photos we took whilst waiting for our early flight back. Travel photos will be up next when I'm not too busy. I'll be having a fashion show this weekend so I'm all full. Enjoy the photos! xx

Still keepin it fresh even at the airport. I am not one to dress up in airports that's why I'm wearing my favorite Adidas tracksuit but the thing about tracksuits that I love the most- they automatically give out that fresh vibe even when you're just dressing down. I myself own about 4 matching tracksuits from different brands. Haha

The waiting lounge and walkalator/moving walkway was deserted coz we came in as early as 6am but you know there's no such thing as too early or too late when taking photos. You'll never know, you might find a cute place to shoot! Grab that opportunity, you might never see that place again. Ha

I'm all about that Stussy life


Nothing beats my handy Vans Skate-Hi when traveling. Some people find it hard/painful to wear Vans shoes in long walks but I'm a vans baby. I skate, bike, hike in them since HS. I guess it just depends on how your feet reacts to a certain design. Skate-his are perfect for me.

Been looking for specs like this for years after losing my first one. Finally got my second pair in HK!

What i wore: Adidas Originals tracksuit; Vans Skate-Hi red; Stussy shirt; New Era cap
Dont mind my face, that's literally my 'just woke up' look. Lol
Excited to blog about my entire trip and some weird food and culture i discovered!
Thanks for dropping by!

E <3

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  1. I have never seen such a cool photos in an airport!
    Have a wonderful day sweetie



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