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I can finally see how my look transitioned from an all black-white-grey wardrobe to bright colored pieces. Its something I've been dying to try and this time it finally happened without much effort. My love for colors just came naturally ( i guess it goes with my age??). Dont get me wrong, my staple pieces would still be all black. Im just having a blast experimenting on colors.  I'll leave you with these photos and i hope you enjoy! Another big project coming soon, cant wait to share it with u guys.

People cant tell im wearing my mom's pajamas! Yes, she literally sleeps with them sweatpants lol

Bought all my CDG stuff from Hong Kong ~ Causeway Bay I.T Store to be exact.

What I wore: CDG shirt; Converse CDG Play hi-cut shoes; jacket by me; red pajamas from mom; FILA visor cap; glasses from my shop

I may not look happy here but i swear i had so much fun taking these shots haha

Another day, another Japanese brand to love. Japan really is a legend, its also my dream country to visit for its culture, streetwear brands, designers and... shoes. Lol. Yes im not a fan of Japanese food so I'll basically visit the place for Japanese brand and designers that I look up to. 

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Sorry for the lazy post, you know me ;p

P.S: If you wanna buy the same glasses im wearing here, pm me on my instagram ;)

(c) Roselyn Sagrado

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  1. Good pictures and have a good weekend

  2. Great look! I'm trying to add colours as well, but without any big success so far.. :D




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