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Perks of working for myself? Its being able to plan and make my own schedule. Although there's an obvious downside for that, it delays all my work and i end up cramming my way to finish my deadline... coz im an artist like that. I'm kidding. So this is one of those days wherein i decided to take photos of my outfit (even tho i wasn't really going anywhere) instead of finishing a gown for my fashion show. Dont worry guys, I finished it 8 hours before the show so it's all good.

The last 2 weekends have been so damn hectic. September has been packed with events and its overwhelming sometimes (especially for someone who gets anxious in meeting new people). Thank God I've somehow mastered the art of small talks. From fashion show and exhibit to cooking birthday dinner for bae's friends, Fake Friends anniversary event to Pop District bazaar. I'm very thankful for everything but i also need a long massage and some time to take it all in. Nawmsayin?!
Now that Im done venting out, let's talk about this outfit- because fashion blog duuuuh? You know when i say my city has bipolar weather? Its legit. I had to slip on a thin windbreaker to beat the early-morning drizzle only to find out how hot it was during lunch time. Then it rained again, but its still very humid. I insisted on wearing my windbreaker because it matched my shoes and outfit, obviously. And then of course, the trademark oversized shirt to hide my bloated tummy. 

What i wore: Bape shirt; GAP KIDS camo pants; Airmax 95 sneakers; vintage orange windbreaker
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