Raised by Wolves

3:39 AM

"I just learned that my fate is something I cannot escape. So sound the alarms, we were dead from the start.
It's a never ending system, break me down, tear me apart.
Don't be fooled, I was raised by the wolves.
Now the moon takes its full, so you know I wont play by the rules."
-Falling in Reverse

And yet another FIR inspired post. I am seriously in love with Ronnie. Seriously.
My style changes with my mood. I was listening to black metal, grindcore, post hardcore and alternative rock (not in order) yesterday as I watched the moon hide. I remember always listening to this kind of genre when I was in my early teens. I just love listening to it's rhythm (or noise, as what mum always say). The eerie feeling it gives makes it so addicting. So I geared up with a dark gothic inspired outfit. My main inspiration for this kind of look are Bebe Zeva of Fated to be Hated, and Lua of Le Happy. They are just geniuses! They could use a hat over and over again, yet they make it seem like it's brand new. Oh, check out my aztec shorts! Hand painted by my friend, Soi2x, of Euphoria. Check out her shop and grab one now!
What I wore: Top- Folded&Hung; Cross earrings-DIY; Bowler hat- Topshop; Shorts- Euphoria; Accessories- mom's.

Hi guys! 
Those of you who haven't clicked the link on my previous post yet, please help me!
Just one click on each computer. Thank you sooo much! :)

And thank you. I've reached 11k views this time.
So fast! Yey. Wouldn't have gone far w/o you guys. 
Hugs & Kisses & Mustache <3

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