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 Hey guys! I'm back. I was missing in action for quite some time because my laptop's charger got busted. My boyfriend lent me his charger instead. So yay! These photos were taken last month at my friend's house, Soi2x. I was aiming for some vintage or nostalgic feel, hence the title, so we used this old stereo as props. It was sitting on my friend's cabinet and when I saw it I said "Let's take photos with this baby". And so we dusted off the cobwebs & started shooting. I'm happy with the results. So retro! What do you guys think? :)
My favorite statement shoes are these vintage platforms! I could wear them forever.
What I wore: Denim top- Soi2x's; Bandage skirt-Maze; Knee high socks- F21; Turban-DIY; Glasses- YSL; Dream Catcher earrings- Soi2x's; Platform- Vintage
On Soi2x's: Top- mine; Shorts- Euphoria; Rayban glasses; DIY turban; Vintage creepers 
My friend Soi2x! I actually styled her look that day. She's such a babe!
Close Up Look: I hate wearing lipstick. I end up licking it or getting my shirt stained. Aside from it's hot, I don't know the proper way of applying it. Believe me, I've seen all Youtube video tutorial. It's not you, it's me, make-up gurus. I am not made for lipstick. Thou there are instances where in I have to wear one, like when my outfit needs color boost, just to spice up my look. Anyway, look at those vintage glasses I'm wearing! It's a hand-down Yves Saint Laurent classic from my friend's Aunt straight from Paris. I felt very "Parisian" when I wore them. Those cute little dream catcher earrings are from my friend's as well. It's all about the little details, they said. Lastly, the DIY head turban. It's a last minute props, but it went well.

This would probably be that last time I'd post soooo many pictures. I'd cut down my outfit post entry to 4-5 photos. Maximum would be 6. I don't want to flood down my older posts so... Hope you guys enjoyed!

Hello, new followers! I love having you guys around. Let's talk! :)
8 more days til the festival of the year! I'm soooo psyched!!!

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  2. This photos are fantastic! So funny! And great look! Love it!!!!

  3. You have daring style...I like that! Following your blog :)

    <3 Cambria

    1. Thanks Cambria! Followed you already! <3

  4. Love the denim top!

    xo Jennifer

  5. Thanks for commenting on my blog...Sure we can follow each other i already followed you :)

  6. I love your looks! And you styled your friend so well. The button up and vintage shades are sick :)

    xx maggie

  7. Cool outfits!

  8. lovely style!:) i´ll follow you!

    1. Thanks Jonna! Love your style as well! :)

  9. aww love your post !! i love the concept :)

  10. Lovely outfit! Great post ^^ Thank you for your sweet comment on my blog. Sure, we can follow each other. Follow me via GFC and let me know, then I'll follow you back immediately :)

    Karina Dinda R. ♥

  11. great looks! love the studded shorts of ur friend aaand ur sunnies and well, to be honest i like almost every piece of it hehe x

  12. these shots are fucking great! haha we love it sooo xx

  13. WOOOW! im so impressed with ur creativity! that sound machine completes the vintage look! youre amazing! again, im a fan! :D



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