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//Blog post title does not have anything to do with the contents of this post. Randomly asked my baby brother to give me a good title, and he was listening to a song by Tyga ft. Drake titled Still Got It! This goes to show how empty my brain is these days. Lol! //
Taking the word 'street style' to full effect. How'd I do?
Having 5 younger brothers means having the priviledge of "borrowing" their shirts and jerseys. Been trend spotting girls wearing jersey type of t-shirts but I decided to wear the real one because why the hell not? Haha. Got this in American Boulevard, a legit Brooklyn jersey. I'm a big fan of NBA and I always bond with my brothers watching games or playing playstation with them. I guess I'm a good big sister after all. 
Yes I'm wearing a wig. I wish I could achieve this hair color and curls without killing my already dead hair. Lately I'm collecting wigs because I want to! I know a lot of people would say wigs are for people with cancer or those who cosplay a lot, or try hard gays; but no... I seriously think anyone could wear them. I know people will judge the way I dress up or the way I style my get-up but I dont care. My style might not fit in my hometown for now, but someday I'm gonna be out of this place and get to wear whatever the hell I want without being looked down. Some people might think your style sucks but it doesnt mean they're right. Just be whatever you wanna be. And right now, I wanna be that red-head goth girl lost in the ghetto world. Haha!

Cant get enough of platforms! As a short person, I seldom wear flats. I think I only own three pairs! I only have a couple of ballet shoes and a slippers. The rest are platforms, creepers or anything with a little heels.
What I wore: American Blvd jersey; knee-high socks from SM Dept Store; Shorts Station shoes (Instagram shop); random black beanie 

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  1. gorgeous looks! you totally killed the street style with these. the socks, wig, attitude, all of it! amazing

  2. look what you're wearing <3 the hairrrr!!

    would you like to follow each other?

  3. Hi dear,
    thanks a lot for your lovely comment :)
    I follow now on GFC, hope you follow back :)

  4. hey sweets.. thanks a lot for dropping by and for the lovely comment...
    as you said i am following you now on GFC ,hope you follow back soon
    keep in touch,

  5. wow this outfit is so cool!:) thanks for your comment! I'm already following you on facebook (petra lorencová), I clicked on the "Like button" once again, does it show me as your fan now? please let me know♥ kisses!

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  6. You look great! I adore your hair, it's so pretty! I really like your blog! I'm glad that I found it! It would be nice if you could stop by my blog sometime too (I'm from England) as I post my outfits, personal style, likes and much more :) :)

    Raindrops of Sapphire

  7. omg you look so cool!!! I love your red hair and your shirt :o It's SO awesome *-* The shoes are pretty too ^-^* I think the photoshoot you did is awesome! The photographer is really good! this style suits you really well :D

  8. love your hat :)

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    and I follow you back <333

  9. As I told u in my message, please follow me first! And I will follow back!

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