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 Hey guys!!! How are you doing? This is my first 'what I wore' entry for this year. I must say, January 2014 was a very, very busy one. Started off the year being shown on TV for about 4mins (almost cried cause I sound so bad on TV haha). Then I signed a contract to be one of the promoters for the biggest outdoor event in the Philippines, Lifedance- All happened on Sinulog weekend. Aghhh, too many events and gatherings this month and its only been 3 weeks since the new year kicked in. I'm just so, so grateful for everything. I think now is the perfect time to blog because my classes resume tomorrow! Speaking of class, I will be on my final semester before I graduate my course Fashion Design. Omg, can you believe it?! Time flies SO fast. This also means I will be dead busy trying to finish all my gowns and designs for graduation fashion show. I will try my best to find time to update my blog. For now, enjoy the pictures my sister took last December!
 Can I just not blab and just post these photos?! Haha I love Fort San Pedro!
 Sunnies By Charlie in Alicia.
 What I Wore: Polka dot dress from Robinsons Mall; HK boots; SM Parisian Red hat; Sunnies by Charlie glasses
 I love this shot!!
 Candid one haha I got thunder thighs. :(

Photos taken at Fort San Pedro, a tourist spot in Cebu City Philippines.
Photos taken by my sister!

Thanks for visiting, y'all.
Will try to update more later. 

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  1. looks like a nice day and I love your spotty dress with that cute red hat! xox

  2. I just love the location of your pics, u look chic in the polka dot dress
    Keep in touch

  3. Oh! Love polka dots! Following you!
    I invite you to visit me..;)


  4. Love this look! Your outfit reminds me of Minnie Mouse, if she was a super cool fashionable person!

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    Pop by and visit my blog Taken By Surprise! xx



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