What to Wear: A rainy #Lifedance2014 (Girls and BOYS!)

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It's finally here again! The month full of festivities! This is that time of the year where I could never concentrate on anything because I'm too excited for Sinulog weekend! (For my foreign readers, Sinulog is a festival from my province, Cebu!) My friends kept on bugging me to make a new and updated "What to wear" article for the upcoming events. So here it is!

With the festival season coming upon us (e.g Lifedance and Sinulog 2014), planning the wardrobe is not just a matter of lining through the trends anymore. If you don’t want for your festival experience to be ruined by a little something called weather oscillation, your outfits should be festival friendly while retaining the possibility to turn waterproof with a fairly simple change in shoes and with an extra layer carefully added to your look.

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I made a What to Wear: Lifedance 2012 two years ago and it was summer time. This time around, we are experiencing rampant rain showers and cold breeze. Notice how you can still wear fashionable clothes even when you're getting ready for rain! Here’s how to transition your outfits from sunshine to rain, with the right wet weather gear.
 The sweater and short shorts! Yup, you don't have to be all sexy to look fashion forward. Pair your over-sized sweater with a short shorts and a beanie. You can go for a boots or sneakers for this one. However, if you arrive at the event and its not raining yet, you can take off your sweater and tie it around your waist so make sure to put on a cute tank top underneath. This will also avoid you from stealing your boyfriend's hoodie during cold nights. P.S: Make sure you pick a statement sweater with cute embroidery or design. I swear it will create an effect.
 The Kylie Jenner inspired look. Okay, not really. Every 90s kid has probably done this when going to the movie theater with the parents! Haa. Achieving this look is simple. Grab your tattered high waist shorts or skirt (or any shorts in particular), pair it with any tank top or cropped top you have. If you do not have a checkered button up, borrow your brother's polo or ask your boyfriend to bring his for you. Make sure to accessorize it right. With this outfit, you can always put on your long sleeves polo whenever it gets too cold or it starts to rain. Viola! Easy peasy.
 High waist is forever. A lot of girls love pairing this with a cropped top. They like showing a little of their belly skin. Since we are expecting cold breeze, you can pair the combo with a sheer kimono or a printed blazer. It will spice up your get up and will instantly make you look sexy and chic.

The sporty chic. For a comfortable and totally cool look, you can always count on a pair of cotton shorts, teamed with a lightweight jersey number top and a pair of flat sneakers. This look is so laid back yet so eye catching. For the girls who wants to portray a "I did not prepare this outfit, but I secretly did" kind of aura, this one's for you. It's probably one of my favorite trends at the moment. Best paired with sneakers.
If you’re the girly-girl type with an edge, choose a dress as your festival uniform and style it with a pair of gladiator sandals, a bowler hat and a really unique pair of superstar-like specs. Layer your outfit with a printed or plain jacket and gear up your boots just as the weather turns unfriendly. This will keep your spirit up despite the rain, despite the mud. TAKE NOTE: You’ll be bending over, dancing and sitting on unusual locations. If you wear a tube top, you could be pulling it up all day, and a short skirt is restrictive and limiting. You can be sexy without it. Make sure your skirt is at reasonable length, or you really wanna wear mini skirt, make sure to wear cycling or panty shorts. Its better prepared!

FOR THE BOYS: (Finally, I made on for you guys lol)
The true nature of festival life is most likely to ruin any sorts of glamorous ideas you might have carried in regards of your outfits, as the accent falls particularly on comfort and easiness. However, there is a very fine line between looking sloppy on purpose and sporting garments that are both laid back and presentable, even for a festival. For guys, the shorts come as a must, either tailored shorts or made out of denim, depending on how much you want to stand out in the crowd. The upper side of your outfit is where all the fun should happen: printed tops, casual and flannel shirts, V-neck t-shirts and vests, the choices are unlimited.
 If you do opt for a slightly more polished look and want to go for pants, pick slim fit or skinny ones. I have a feeling baggy pants will somehow come back to the fashion scene, but definitely not this year. The variety of pants for boys is endless. It could come in any shade. Pick your color and pair it with an exciting print or just a plain shirt. Wearing your coolest (but cheap) sunglasses would suffice in accessorizing the look, while keeping things uncomplicated enough. A lightweight waterproof jacket and a pair of rain or leather boots will be able to answer tough expectations and should especially not be missing from your essentials.
For the ladies: In terms of accessories, your festival outfits shouldn't be missing on a pair of cool sunglasses; a dainty headband made out of flowers or any distracting headpieces; jewels or colorful feathers; perhaps even a hat for the rain. As they all stand a fair chance to get ruined, make sure to avoid spending little fortunes on them. Complete your looks with statement rings, stacks of colorful bracelets or subtle necklaces oozing of a Bohemian flow.
For the gentlemen: In general guys do tend to avoid accessorizing, either out of fear of overdoing it, or as they feel a cleaner and more uncomplicated look is the way to go. But in order to round up a festival outfit, a few well-chosen accessories can make all the difference. Aside from the mandatory specs, a summer hat, alongside the woven leather bracelets and/or beaded necklaces are safe, yet appropriate options.
Shoes for both genders:
If it rains at a music festival, your only option is rubber boots. Beyond that you will have soaked feet, or worse have to go barefoot because you lost your shoes in a mosh pit.  Albeit widely accepted, there are plenty of sanitary concerns, and you could easily cut yourself on the hundreds of beer caps and other fallen debris. Wear closed shoes or any boots and your feet will thank you and you won’t have to throw away your shoes. Even if it doesn't rain, I still recommend a closed toe shoe that is comfortable to wear all day. You’ll be meandering around all day and in large crowds. Even without the mud, your feet will get very dirty and without coverage a passerby may crush a toe or two. Wear real shoes.


Check it out and see you all n Lifedance!!!

Pit Senyor, Cebuanos! :)

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  1. googled what to wear sinulog!big help thank you

  2. What bags should we bring? Or do you suggest us to bring one?

  3. Hi po its me kath from manila I bought lifedance tickets online and I would like to ask if lifedance and sinulog is it a safe place where we can just pop around our dslr and iphones? I heard from friends that its dangerous. any help?

    1. No probs with your DSLR, lots are bringing stuff like dat.. be more careful with your phone.. =)

    2. Its okay to bring man, there are a lot of security in Lifedance and last year I saw lots of Police in the streets for Sinulog. Just be alert :)

  4. ngnu naai dress code? lol...

    1. para di ka mauwawan g life dance. SUGGESTIONS MAN POD NA. duhh

    2. Hi, there is no dress code! These are suggestions for people who needs ideas on what to wear :)

  5. this is awesome :D cant wait



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