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Hey guys!! How was your week? :>
I judged a beauty pageant last weekend and this is what I wore. I was very hesitant to push through because I was in the healing stage of my chicken pox (I know, right? At this age! Ugh), and I was embarrassed to step out of the house. But then mom kept nagging me so I decided to just dress up in lengthy clothes to hide my spots and put on makeup to conceal my dotted face. Haha. Best decision ever!!! It's my first time to be actually doing this and I had fun. I had no idea judging could be a bit crucial since I already have a favorite from the first ramp. I couldn't help playing favorites but good thing my co-judge helped me. I was also the youngest in a judge of three. All of which are professionals. Hukks.
What I wore: Topshop hat; Allamode cropped top; SM skirt; Parisian heels; Clutch from MNL; necklace from Y.R.Y.S
My #fotd! (Face of the day) Full coverage make-up, no contacts

I actually did my own make-up! Of course I had to look presentable on stage because I'd be judging a BEAUTY pageant. It's my first time so I got really nervous. I'm also quite proud of how the results. I was in the healing stage of my chicken pox when I was asked to do this. I did a full coverage make up to cover up some spots on my face. Luckily, I only got two small spots in my arms and two medium spots on my thighs, nothing much to hide.
Here are the brands I used on my face: MAC Studio Finish as my base; MAC lipstick in Rebel; Nichido Green Foundation (to hide red spots); Kokoryo water-based foundation to finish the coverage; Nichido loose powder; ELF bronzer; Estee Lauder blush; Urban Decay Naked 2 for my eye-shadow and nose line; In2It eyebrow kit; Maybelline Rocket mascara; Prestige liquid eyeliner and a Japanese fake lashes.
Cam whoring! It was love at first sight when I first saw this hat on Topshop. I almost never took it off every single time we window shop there. I got it from the boo on our anniversary last February 13. I'm sooooo happyyy. Thank you, love!
Of course I had to do a photo shoot with the bouquet of roses I got on Valentines! 
I know I'm ready when my cheek is all contoured. Haha.

I chose this ensemble because its simple and I feel professional. Haha the hat brings out all the action. Without it, this look would just be a boring, working outfit-ish.
I feel like a more colorful version of Morticia Addams. Haha
I love this shade of MAC lipstick, Rebel! I'm not a lipstick/lipbalm/lipgloss person. I hate having something on my lips because I ALWAYS end up licking it and making it look all messy. I only put it on for special occasions or photoshoots. This shade is different. I wanna wear it everyday, but my mom said I look goth in it. Haha, yes mom, that's the whole point. Though it gets a bit dry on my lips after a couple of hours, I just apply a Maybeline lipbalm. Which I also never use lol.
Here's a snap of me awarding the winners. Haha.

That's about it! Will blog more soon!
Thank you guys for visiting!
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