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<This one's gonna be real quick and short.>
Wow, I haven't posted a thing for the whole month of March! I am deeply sorry for the long hiatus (yet again). My schedule's been really crazy. As you all know, I'm graduating this coming April 30, which is also my 22nd birthday! I am cramming my way to finish my whole fashion show graduation collection. We were all asked to make 7 movie inspired pieces. The movie I picked was "The Addams Family". Everyone that knows me will never question why I chose this movie. I've been a fan of this creepy and dark family ever since I was a kid.  I'll post more about my graduation and collection some other time. For now, here's my errand's day outfit! 
Pretty much obsessed with white ensembles lately since its scorching hot in my country.Wew
 Everybody owns rainbow glasses (as I call them) these days. Its just so trendy and makes any outfit more effortlessly chic.
 Every girl must have at least one boyfriend jeans.
What I wore: Topshop cropped top; thrifted Guess boyfriend jeans; mom's shoes; brother's hat; GUC energy necklace; sister's bag
Few more weeks til I get back on track with my blogging.
Thank you so much for keeping up with me! I'll try to squeeze in a few more posts next week.
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  1. Outfit inspired by the Adams family , interesting...
    U look fab in white crop top and boyfriend jeans..
    Keep in touch

    1. Thank you pooja! Hugs and kisses :*

  2. Cool look, the jeans are amazing!!!

    Have a great weekend,
    Mary x

  3. SO BEAUTIFUL AND SO SEXY! Great blog by the way! Keep it up ;) Hope you can also read my new blog post ;)

    I may not be there yet, but I am closer than I was yesterday. (My weight loss journey): http://ara-oundtheworld.blogspot.com/2014/04/i-may-not-be-there-yet-but-i-am-closer.html

    Stay beautiful! :-**

    1. Very inspiring!!! Thank you Shahara :*



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