I refuse to wear summer clothes

7:47 AM

First of all, a big fat thank you to Dawn Towers for these pictures. 
I'm feeling retro today so I edited these photos like its from the 80s haha.

I know, right?! I cant stop wearing stockings over dresses and boots even when its really hot in my hometown! I guess I was born in the wrong country. That, or my country should start having Winter season haha. Anyway, these are 2 month old pictures! I've been really, really busy after graduating Fashion school. Yep, I graduated last month but I still haven't blogged about it, which sucks because I wanted to post my collection so badly. I am soooooo slacking off this blogging game. I've been thinking about leaving the blog-sphere for awhile but my friends told me to just keep it and post something when I have spare time. I'm also opening my RTW shop and boutique so my schedule's kinda tight. And right now I got things to finish too so I'll have to leave you with these pictures haha. Sorry guys I'll make it up to you soon I swear! :*
It's all about daisy prints this summer!!! <3
Boots forever.
I love this shot!
What I wore: Vintage dress; Boots from HK; Forever 21 hat; SM Stockings; Forever 21 accessories 

Forever 21 sells the best rings!

Thank you guys so much for the continued support!!! 
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Much love! <3

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  1. Cute outfit! I love that dress even more because it's vintage. Totally looks like something current :)

    And I totally feel you on not having time to post pictures. My blog posts have been adding up but I've been slacking too. Life can get a little crazy sometimes!

    xo Azu


    1. Thank you Raven!!! I know, right?! Got tons of photos to post here but i dunno where to start lol :((

  2. So good to see you back on blogger, don't leave it girl..
    Congrats in your graduation and boutique :)
    Stocking even in summers, u must really be a winter girl. I love summers though .
    I like the retro feel of the pics
    Nice hat
    Keep in touch

    1. Thanks Pooja!! Yeah I'll just keep it and post as much as i can! Sure babe i'll visit your blog soon lots of love mwah :* <3

    2. Thanks Pooja!! Yeah I'll just keep it and post as much as i can! Sure babe i'll visit your blog soon lots of love mwah :* <3



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