90's Calling

9:42 PM

Just another short post! Took these photos late last year and I completely forgot about them until I made a clean up on my laptop. These are indoor shots taken by my baby brother so apologies for the bad lighting. Lol. This outfit is all about that 90's grunge vibe. If you've been following me before, you obviously know I'm compelled by that era's fashion. It's making a huge comeback every year and I couldn't be any more obsessed. Anyway, here are some bad quality photos of me wearing a dress I hand stitched. I kinda dig that film effect on these tho. Don't worry I'll post more HD pictures next. Hahaha. 

Clueless x The Craft movie inspired get up :>
Wearing a dress I made. The length of the skirt was longer than expected so I had to tuck in a few inches. I didn't sew it so some parts keep on falling off hahaha that's fine though, I only wore this at home.
What I wore: Dress made by yours truly; Creepers from online shop; Vintage glasses; Creative Caprice choker tattoo

I'm too grunge for your life. JK.
Thanks for visiting! Will update soon.
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  1. great two piece, it looks gorgeous and i think the grainy lighting works. :D



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