4 WAYS TO WEAR CHALLENGE: (1) Sweet Feminine Tones

2:18 AM

 Hey guys! So I revamped my blog and changed my URL name to shorten it! Few weeks ago I was invited to this super dope event named Hyper Cebu and it was really cool. People were all.. hyped up lol. Anyways, bloggers were asked to go on stage and did a small giveaway. We were also given the chance to plug in our blogs but mine was too long! So I finally shortened it today by using my full name. I hope you guys take note and start remembering this URL name soon. Heeeee :)
So I challenged myself to wear this girly pastel top in 4 different ways! I decided to do this because I noticed how seldom I wear my clothes again after I've worn them. One of the most important things for me in learning to 'do good with what you have' has been to learn how to wear the pieces in my closet in multiple different ways. Figuring out how to do that helped me get more use out of my old clothes and saved heaps of cash, for real. It really surprised me how I can rock this top in different ways without people noticing that all these looks were paired with just the same top. 

This tank is from my shop's first collection. I know this color and style is so not me, I almost never wear pastel colors- most definitely not pink ones! Haha. But there are days when you need to tone down your wardrobe for a bit. In my case, start wearing normal clothes for once. Heeee. 
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 Dainty pastel top paired with light colored floral pants! I don't even need accessories to complete my look. Ultimately my favorite from all the looks I did on this. Not only does it bring out my feminine side, it's also very versatile. You can actually go shopping with this because its comfy enough for all the walking (you can change to flats if you want). Coffee and dinner with friends cause its chic enough. Date with the lover cause this brings out your sweet side. The list actually goes on... [Top and pants from my shop.]
Haha stolen.
What I Wore: Top- Psalm 91 Boutique; Pants- Psalm 91 Boutique; Heels- gifted 

That's it for my first look! Watch out for my second, third and fourth later this week!
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  1. You look so pretty ate eva! keep on blogging a lot pls. we love you

  2. Hey where can i get the exact same top? Thanks

    1. It's available on my shop! www.fb.com/psalm91boutiquecebu

  3. hey ate m its me angel cool blog and i hope to see you at the Philippines soon!



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