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Finally blogging the rest of the outfits I styled for my 4 Ways To Wear Challenge!
If you havent read my post about this challenge, click here for LOOK 1.

Originally planned to post this weeks ago but again, couldn't find time for this. Last week was pretty much a challenging one. Just made a very life changing decision and I'm trying to get back up and face the agonizing weeks with a smile. There are times when you really have to make a decision that requires a lot of sacrifices. I'm trying to figure things out right now. I just hope and pray that everything will turn out just fine. Keep the faith. :)

Look 2: Beach Wear
This pastel top is sheer and light enough for a sunny day at the beach. I paired it with white shorts and vest to give a fresh and clean look. I love to dress down when I'm out at the beach! (So sorry for crappy words hahahaha I'm in a hurry right now. Apologies.)
Fedora hat, sunnies and a simple strappy  flats to complete the look.
Teeeee, I look awkward! Haha.

Look 3: Errands Day
Perfect errands day getup when out for grocery, gasoline or when paying bills. Grabbed a pair of boyfriend trousers, platform slippers and a baseball hat to polish my 'just-got-out-of-bed' look.
When you're wearing chill, crappy clothes- I strongly believe that a good red lipstick and a sunny smile can immediately conceal your crappy getup. Feel me? Lol.

Look 4: Goth Corporate Attire
This last look is so me. I'm literally into black ensembles- clothes, hats and boots! I just cant get enough of it. I wasn't so sure if I should style it like this because it isn't something "foreign" to me but since my pants here is brand new, the hell with it, I'm posting this. Lol.
Every girl needs a perfect fit black blazer in her closet. True story.
Just me being Eva. Haha

Thank you guys for reading! And for the support even if I'm such a slacker.
Will blog something new this week! Stay tuned.

Leave comments and I'll reply. :)

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