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8:09 PM

Surprise! I'm wearing red! And nope, it's not my birthday. 

Apparently, red is my favorite color and I barely wear clothes in that shade. But that's just me.
The past month has been crazy for me. Moved to a new house, decided to join my parents' religious community and have had a break from my old life. I don't wanna bore you with the shiz I've been going through thou so I'll just share to you a few life lessons I've learned lately.
"Surround yourself with people who knows your worth."
I've realized over the last few months how important this is. I found myself feeling so amazing around certain people. Others, I would leave feeling depleted of energy and negativity. There are people who give and who take. Each and everyone of us goes a little more to one extremely than the other. I've chosen to get rid of the takers. Only surround yourself with people who lift you higher because you only have one option the other way around and that leads you to be dragged down. Have the strength to make the choice and respect your heart enough to stick with it. No one demands good things for your life and your soul than you.
Remember why you are on the path you are taking. Remember what made you start it in the first place. There will always be people second guessing your journey. Let them. Love them for it but remind yourself, if you weren't growing, those people would still fit in your life... Just like the clothes we buy, we outgrow people too. How can I tell if someone should still be in my life? I feel better around them than without them. Choose wisely. Energy is a real thing. Negative energy can repel what you truly want and deserve. I am truly selective on who I let in deep in my heart now because what's in my heart will either make or break me- and breaking me will never be an option.
What I Wore: Red jumpsuit and rings- Psalm 91 Boutique (my shop's link on the side bar); Hat- Forever 21; black belt- SM Department Store; my sister's peep-toes and red lip bag from Maybelline. 

This red halter jumpsuit is still available in various colors! For orders, check out my Facebook online shop or you can visit my boutique. Location is posted on my page :)
I look like I'm about to sneeze here lol
I think red, black and gold are major soulmates. Always so classy.

Thank you all so much for visiting!!!
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  1. This jumpsuit looks great on you! Love the hat too! Xx


  2. Cool look!!!!!
    I'm following you via GFC, number 239.... now is your turn!
    Kisses doll!!!

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  3. Wow stunning you look, Following by bloglovin I'm your first follower. Your turn doll by the way i get notification when someone follow back by bloglovin or google.

  4. I'm in love with jumpsuits and this red one is so perfect! Gorgeous!

    <3 Shannon

  5. Gorgeous look! Amazing red jumpsuit and floppy hat! =)
    Thanks for visiting my blog!

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  6. thnx for the lovely comment :)
    it is tru....if you surround yourself with negative people you will also become negative....you look lovely btw!
    now following <3


  7. Very elegant!
    Follow you, do you wanna follow me back? ;)

  8. The jumpsuit is lovely! I'm your newest follower :D


  9. You look fantastic in red. And what you say is so true! Always be sure to surround yourself with people who support you and be sure to support them back!

  10. Beautiful look, red is diefinitely your color. Love the jumpsuit and red lipstick. Your hair is great. :)
    Thanks for your comment.
    Fashion Happenss

  11. You look beautiful in this outfit, so chic and ladylike! Thanks for your comment on my blog, I'm now following you on Fb and GFC, you can find me here:
    Thanks :)

  12. Red is your color and you look fabulous in thus number. And yes I am Filipina. Sure we can follow each other. I followed you on GFC now, hope you do the same so we can keep in touch.


  13. You look fantastic in this red dress!

  14. Hi, your blog is so creative, you look stunning!!! Follow you on GFC, hope you follow me back. xx Eszter


  15. Love love love this look! xx



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