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Olaaaaa! *insert Dora's Spanish accent*
How are you guys doing?! My schedules have gone crazy this month. So many deadlines to catch up and I've been hanging out with my friends a lot more often. I guess this is what they call living life in your 20's. Anyway, because I've been sooo busy, I was looking around the net to buy cute brassier and what not. I found a wide range of Wacoal lingerie online at Zalora! I love the design of their collection! I am one of those people that are very picky when it comes to my lingerie because I strongly believe that what you wear as your inner clothing reflects on what you wear on the outside. I know right? I'm meticulous like that, and Wacoal has really passed my standard in that area. I've also been looking at these cool stuff from Romwe!!! Have you seen their latest collection?! Check in here. Its unbelievable what the internet can do these days. Few clicks and I get myself some cute stuff. :)

Here are a few snaps of the *other Church we visited in San Remigio. 
So in love with this hat!!!!
Why do I always end up having candid shots like this? Haha

The church we went to has head statues of all the Popes. It's a bit old and deserted but it's still so nice!
What I wore: Top- Psalm 91 Boutique; Hat and skirt- Forever 21

This door is too pretty! It reminds me of the old Spanish era.
Til next time guys!
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  1. Cool pictures you look amazing. Have a great weekend.

  2. i like your outfit it reminds me of boracay :)

  3. Lovely blog, just followed you! Would love if you checked out my blog sometime too x
    Have a lovely weekend!

  4. I just found your blog and I'm love with him!
    I just starting follow you, I hope you follow me back! xx.



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