Adidas x Neighborhood

6:29 AM

So many pending posts from last year and I've decided to just leave it all here- without the usual 'New Year, New Me' write up haha. Wearing an Adidas x Neighborhood collaboration shirt in my usual lazy Sunday getup. An over-sized tee and trousers paired with my Superstar beaters, a breather from wearing my corporate clothes whenever I meet my clients on weekdays. 

Can never go wrong with Adidas, and Neighborhood. Period.

Ok i look like a dyke... who cares? Haha

2015 has been the busiest year of my life and 2016 will be a lot more. I just wish I can post everything that I've been up to but then again, I plan on making my life low key. That's definitely a NY's resolution I'm planning to keep. ;)

Thanks for still dropping by!
Have an amazing first month! xx


Ph by: Ken Cuizon

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  1. Love your look and those sneakers are awesome!



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