Of Being a Costume Maker for 8 Years...

8:28 PM

I'm a Halloween person. Every year, I look forward to that day and plan my costume as early as... November 2. Lol. Most people who know me personally will attest to this obsession. Although I come from a country that does not celebrate the occasion (e.g, we do not decorate spooky stuff and we don't even do 'Trick or Treat!' in our neighborhood.. ikr?), it has never stopped me from making costumes or dressing up. I was a costume maker waaaay before I became a fashion designer. My love for comics, animes, books, sci-fi movies and horror films at an early age (I think i was 7?) probably inspired me to be what I am now. I  was amazed by their costumes, out of this world powers and colorful hair to name a few. That being said, my journey of becoming a costume designer started in 2008. I started from altering old clothes into slutty or witty costumes and began selling them for a very low price. Back in the day, my only form of sewing was hand stitch. It wasn't very durable yet, hence my cheap price. Years later I have upgraded and made sure every costumes are pretty and durable. I dressed up dozens of beautiful ladies this year for Halloween and I couldn't be more thankful! Oh, did I mention I am also the costume director for drama/plays in this religious organization I am currently in? How ironic. Hehe

My Halloween Costumes: I am sensing a theme here- Teenage internet sensations who are dating black hip-hop artists! Hahahaha. Ok, I have a love-hate thing going on for these two beautiful ladies. Kylie Jenner and Ariana Grande has a bunch of haters and the fact that they dont give a shit about them just made me 'almost love' them. Hehe

I tried my best to make my lips look really huge here. Also the boobs. Kylie has really gigantic boobiessss!
I made everything from scratch. This cat ears was made of folder and glued some laced and crystals to add a little twist. I actually made a black version of Ariana Grande's world tour outfits but I liked the white one better.


Thanks for visiting guys!!!

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  1. blue hair suits you :)))

    xoxo, rae

  2. Great ideas:)




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