Adidas Tracksuit x Neighborhood

4:19 AM

Inspired by 80s hip-hop band Run - DMC, only the band that changed hiphop music and streetwear scene. "More than any other hip-hop group, Run–D.M.C. are responsible for the sound and style of the [hip-hop] music.", quote by AllMusic editor. They have forever altered street wear culture and tho I don't listen to ALL of their songs as to I only love 2-3 of their music, I still look up to them the most. Most of my style and fashion choices are somewhat linked back to the band's clothing style. From Adidas tracksuits, bomber jackets, black brim hats, all black baggy clothes and the famous Adidas Superstars. Believe me when I tell you I am an old soul. My clothing and music preferences are always oldschool/retro.
A family friend once asked me how come I dont dress up like a normal 20-something girl that wears things that can be bought in the mall or style myself in 'proper' clothes. Instead of being upset I just smiled and told her "I'm a time traveler that is why I don't dress like your daughters. Dont tell anyone." and winked. ;)
Dressed in black and white from head to toe, what's new?
What i wore: Adidas x Neighborhood Collab shirt; Adidas Jacket / Tracksuit; Adidas Bag; Adidas Superstar shoes; Fake Friends Cap
Neighborhood Japan is one of my favorite Japanese streetwear brand ever. Named one of the 50 Greatest Japanese Brand of All Time by Complex magazine. Their collaboration with Adidas range from shoes to shirts. Luckily for me, the beau found one in my size at a local Adidas outlets store. I've worn this shirt on my older post here. This time instead of pairing it with denim jeans I opted for all Adidas everything. A tribute to my love for both brands.
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 I am slowly uploading my backlogs so i might upload more posts this month.
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  1. Love that Neighborhood x Adidas shirt!

  2. I love Run DMC. You are lovely and ur style is always suits u.Some girls look like a try hard when they try ur kind of style like street fashion thing but you are def doing it right.Keep it up girl,i will be back for ur retro vibes inspired styles.Do check my new post on my blog. Kisses,Sab

  3. Major love with this look; sporty yet still pretty <3


  4. I like Adidas a lot and I especially love it when they use the retro leaf logo.

    Jo's Jumbled Jardinière

    1. Anything retro really catches my eye! <3

  5. Hey girl, that’s very pretty! I like these work out looks. Personally I am a fan of fancy workout leggings in patterns but after seeing these looking in the Adidas trousers I just fell in love so would surely be buying such a pair of Adidas jersey and trouser.



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