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I finally have a time off my busy little schedule (but this will still be a short post... coz lazy lol). Holiday peak season workloads is starting to pile up! As a designer, its both a blessing and a headache. I have been crazy busy since Halloween season and now that Christmas is coming I got tons of projects and events to attend to. Sometimes I wish I could 'kage-bunshin' technique myself and produce 100 copies of meeee! That way it would be easier to tick off all my to-do list. 
Attended a conference last weekend and as soon as the ceremony ended, I roamed around and scouted the perfect spots to take photos. I am inlove with this place coz it definitely matched my sporty and cozy aesthetic (plus the perfect lighting). There's just a few things I wanna talk about here so I'll leave you with these pictures my friend and I took (hi pangs labyu!) and some short captions.
What I wore: Adidas Y3 jersey; Adidas Originals jacket (used as skirt); Adidas Gazelle OG shoes; Borrowed cap; H&M gray socks
Obsessed with this vintage Adidas Y3 jersey I'm wearing. As an avid fan of Japanese artists and designers, I was so thrilled to finally own a piece designed by the legendary Yohji Yamamoto. Although this is just a collab work with Adidas Y3, I am still in awe with his attention to details. This brand, however, is quite expensive. I remember just looking at his works when I went to their showroom in HK and Singapore. I might consider buying a brand new item in the future but this second hand garment will do for now! <3

All I see is lines everywhere

I turned my jacket into a tie-skirt and voila~ I still got that sporty vibe even in a skirt
Borrowed my friend's cap coz my hair got messy after the event
I love how simple a certain design can be and those three stripes details does all the magic.
 Why do i always look sad and angry in my photos? I look weird when i smile :<
Check out those mesh details.
Thanks for dropping by! Despite my countless long delays and hiatus, you all still managed to find time and visit my blog again and again. I'm so grateful to everyone! Thank you, dear readers. I just got a sweet email not too long ago from an avid reader since 2010. Time flies and our small circle is getting bigger now. To more years with you guys! Cheers. 

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Love, E

(c) Roselyn Sagrada (IG: @itsroselyn)

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