Mongkok Nights ~ FILA Lifestyle II

6:50 PM

I probably watch too many old movies and read too much 80s-90s magazines for me to realize that a pink windbreaker tracksuit is a (vital) wardrobe essential. That, and my old soul. A staple 80s classic: matching FILA windbreaker tracksuit. I added a little modern twist with my Ronnie Fieg x PUMA Sakura project shoes and a local brand Fake Friends cap and shirt. These photos were taken in the streets of Mongkok one rainy night. This was by far my favorite place in the country and I visit this street every night. It fascinates me how there are ALWAYS tons of people walking around- it feels like Christmas rush everyday. Its also a perfect place to observe their culture and the perfect place to buy pasalubongs! :> The ultimate sneaker street is also located here so...

A limited edition Fake Friends pink logo shirt- deadstock.

My love for matching tracksuits go way back as a kid. I remember just pulling out mom's old tracksuits (probably purchased in the 80s due to its very bright mixture of colors :O) and put it on me as I play dress up. Of course it was baggy and way bigger than me since I was only 9. I promised myself I'd wear it when the time comes... AND when the time finally came, I couldn't find it anymore. Mom probably gave it away coz nobody was wearing it. This is probably why I always have the urge to buy cute tracksuits whenever i see one. Sad twist lol.

I wear clear specs to hide the fact that I lack sleep! Lol perfect stylish disguise ~

FILA's comeback game is strong and I dig how they still stick to their vintage aesthetic.

What i wore: FILA windbreaker tracksuit; Fake Friends cap and shirt; PUMA x Ronnie Fieg shoes; SM Dept Store white bandana; clear specs from my shop


Thanks for dropping by my lazy entry!!!!!! 
Slowly posting my travel photos so dont miss my next entry soon!

-E <3

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  1. Lovely in pink! 💗
    Happy weekend sweetie

  2. You look beautiful:) nice pink total look:)

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