Better than your boyfriend

8:11 PM

I've gotten so many compliments saying i dress better than their boyfriends. Well, i gotta agree. Except i wouldn't want my boyfriend wearing fishnets and giant loop earrings tho. Lol. I heard a new release on Jordan 1 Royals will come out this April, on my birth month. So much for heat pairs haa
Huge loop earrings and bandanas worn this way reminds me so much of 90s popstars. 
What i wore: XLarge shirt; DIY ripped jeans; Jordan 1 Royals shoes; all accessories from SM
I wont promise a longer post soon. I doubt I'll have the time haha.
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(c) Roselyn Sagrado 

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  1. This outfit is amazing! Love it <3
    Have a good weekend!



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