The usual

6:44 PM

I guess the title is obvious here, im wearing my usual fit. Mix and matching my staple wardrobe item, a white button down polo. I've worn this a hundred thousand times (not really) but always in a different way. Thats how staples work- you can always count on it any time. Also wore a jacket 3 times my size coz that's how i roll LOL. I love how every piece of clothing im wearing are different but when worn together they fit like a puzzle.
Y'all know by now how much i love this brand! ;)

What i wore: Forever 21 top; XLarge Japan camo jacket; Fake Friends cap; Nike Airforce 1 shoes
Thanks for dropping by!!!!
All these photos were taken September 2016. 
Yeppp, thats how old my backlogs are lol

(c) Roselyn Sagrado

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  1. Awesome outfit, you look so amazing!!!
    Great blog! I'm following you, follow back?



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