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In the late summer 2011, I have witnessed this whole 'fashion turn-over' thing (as what they call it). I've been wanting and wanting (and still wanting) to blog about this, but I cant seem to decipher on why it has become a trend. What's the purpose, really? Famous fashion bloggers, lookbookers, stylists & celebrities are spotted wearing detachable collars. I thought it would stop as we leave the year behind, but more and more bloggers are joining the trend this year, 2012. The million dollar question is- "Does it look good on everyone?" Sadly, no. Not everyone can pull off such trend. From the runaway to Japanese/Korean stores and online shops, I'm just hoping it would NOT be that mainstream. The classy and elite look would fall down with the sight of a young girl, wearing a detachable collar in a weird, wrong way.

Here are some bloggers/lookbook-users sporting the said trend. (I do not own these photos)

Apart from the mind-bulging craze, collars of different shapes and sizes are also in for this year. Peter Pan collars, baby collars, sharp-edged collars, extremely gigantic collars, collars on a dress and the list goes on. This trend is my personal favorite. Automatically look innocent and add a sudden whim of princess look! Somehow, it's a mystery how it looks good on everything. Wear it as a classic dress or just pair it with shorts & jeans- you can never go wrong with it!  (I do not own these photos)
Peter Pan collars
Sharp-edged collar with optional ribbon

Tricia is my favorite. She's been sporting casual wear with collars lately.

Georgina Wilson on a short sharp-edged collar lace top.
PERSONAL PICK! I've been obsessing with these Zara dresses in different colors! It has rounded white collar... Cant remember when, but I know I've been style stalking this friggin dress for a long time now. Can I just have you in my arms already???  (I do not own these photos)

ZARA inspired dress.
ZARA inspired dress.
E JOINS: But of course, I wouldn't want to be out of style. I made a DIY collar too!! The design was inspired by Romwe's beaded collar. I was a playboy bunny last Halloween, so I used my old detachable plain white collar and sewed some gigantic pearls on them.
Wearing a DIY detachable collar from last year's Halloween. 
THE INSPIRATION: Romwe's pearl-embedded collar

My very own DIY detachable collar! ME GUSTA!!! Cant wait to wear them!

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