5:01 AM

A few  hardcore collar necklaces! Don't know if I can pull off such piece, but I'm rating it A for this season! 

'I adore peter pan collars. They’re a whimsical touch to any blouse or dress, and I always find myself drawn to pieces with them. Sure, they’re on the cutesy side, but I’m not a stranger to the girly outfits. For those who are, however, Louis Vuitton has taken the peter pan collar and kicked it up several notches on the fierce scale this season. How? By transforming it into a to-die-for metal collar necklace.' 

The verdict? Need, want, have to have.

P.S- Found a similar but smaller necklace in 
Forever21 that looked somewhat like this --->
Perfect gift for your sophisticated gf this Valentines, yeah?

Oh, and I decided to make an online shop for my pre-loved items with really low prices! 
There are no updates yet, but please like the page. Will update as soon as I have spare time ;)

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