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I've been spotting people donning the ever classic satchel bags. Mum told me back in her days, she owned a couple of satchels. Truly, fashion is just a never ending cycle. I was depressed by the fact that the famous Campridge Satchel Company sells their best selling neon colored bag for over $140-300 plus bucks!

 However, it didn't stop me from looking around international brands from our local mall, SM Cebu. I spotted some in Forever 21 with only one color, a pastel/neon pink bag! It was a bit pricey, too. I also tried looking in Accessorized, I found several colors and it costs around 2k something? Although I was expecting high prices, I still cant decide on whether it's worth it or not; and as Pinoy as I am, I will always go look for cheaper prices as possible. (True story, bro) My bf and I then decided to walk around Planet Exchange inside SM; and to my surprise, I found lots of satchel bags in different sizes, colors and designs!!! I was ecstatic when I found out it only costs around 1,200-1,500PHP! I secretly took a few pictures for future reference. It's found on the right most side of Planet Exchange from the entrance. 

This one is my favorite! I'm coming back for you, baby! 

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