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School's second term is coming up next week. I am pretty much excited about it because I wanna get this done with as soon as I can. I got a two week trimester(ial) break and all I did was catch up with some good flicks and books. Yup, that's my definition of a vacation well spent. And I also experimented on a new editing techniques! I've never been a pro when it comes to photo editing but I find my ways here and there. Since high school, I taught myself different ways of editing through Photoshop WITHOUT the help of tutorials because those shit just make me confuse all the more haha! I technically learned the hard way by experimenting (aka pressing every button possible!) with colors and channels. So I wanted a "matte" look and this is the best I can achieve! Haha what do you guys think? I love how it looks so retro and film-y. 
Those shades are literally vintage. I found it in a shop that was having an inventory sale because they're closing down their business for good. I fell inlove with it! When the saleslady took it from the glass container, I found out that the rims are already rusty! It didn't even bother me. I think this piece should be a decade old. Haha sometimes I like to imagine that the things I bought had a past life... Like those glasses, I think some rockstar from the 80's owned them... Don't judge, it could be true. 
 I almost never smile when taking outfit shots with a grungy feel! 
Denim jackets paired with black everything is both retro and grungy, though.
What I wore: Blue denim jacket and black highwait shorts- SM department store; black tube-online shop; vintage glasses; mom's black sling bag- Coach; platforms- Janilyn

Photo by Dawn Dela Torre (Thank youuuuuu!)
Edited by: Yours truly

Thank you guys for visiting! Will update more soon. Have a nice day!
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  1. Cool outfit ♥
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  2. Love this rebellious side of yours




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